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  • Leachate treatment equipment

    Leachate treatment equipment

    Introduction Jiarong containerized leachate treatment equipment is based on a two-stage DTRO disc-tube reverse osmosis membrane, which is mainly designed for high concentration and difficult sewage treatment such as landfill leachate. The containerized system is particularly effective for leachate treatment and is a popular choice among customers, as it is ideal for long-distance ...

  • DTRO Leachate Treatment Equipment

    DTRO Leachate Treatment Equipment

    Jiarong highly effective DTRO system is specially designed for treatment of highly contaminated wastewater, such as leachate of pharmaceutical. This system functions independently and automatically. ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Spiral-Tube Reverse Osmosis Membrane Leachate Treatment Equipment

    Spiral-Tube Reverse Osmosis Membrane Leachate Treatment Equipment

    STRO System is a new structural membrane module developed specially for leachate and high salt wastewater treatment. Due to its special fluid structure design, it has superior anti-pollution ability and outstanding technical advantages with simple pretreatment conditions and high membrane area loading.