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Locate Groundwater equipment for Soil and Groundwater

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    AMS - Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring System

    AMS groundwater samplers are often used for the initial site investigation because of the ability to rapidly sample a large number of locations, and to collect representative samples of all contaminants. Small diameter groundwater monitoring wells are installed by direct push. Our kits provide everything needed for quick and successful ...

    By Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.) based in American Falls, IDAHO (USA). from PowerProbes - Application and Tooling Product line

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    ENIGMA - Model ENIGMA3m - Remote Correlating Noise Loggers for Automatic Leak Location

    The ENIGMA3m remote correlating noise loggers utilise 3G / GPRS communications to provide remote location of leaks in water distribution networks. ENIGMA3m is deployed in underground chambers and requires no costly above ground technology.

    By Ovarro (formerly Servelec Technologies & Primayer) based in Eckington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Leak Noise Loggers & Correlators Product line

  • Model MIP - Membrane Interface Probe

    The MIP is a screening tool with semi-quantitative capabilities acting as an interface between the contaminates in the subsurface and gas phase detectors at the surface. The downhole, permeable membrane serves as an interface to a detector at the surface. Volatiles in the subsurface diffuse across the membrane and partition into a stream of ...

    By ASC Tech Services based in Rancho Cordova, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • People - Model GT - Soil Remediation System

    Groundwater Technology B.V., located in the Rotterdam Area, is a leading total solutions provider in soil remediation. The company established an outstanding reputation as the solutions provider for complex projects and develops state-of-the-art techniques. The organization assists clients with tailored turnkey services, providing advice, design ...

    By Groundwater Technology BV based in Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS.

  • GeoSeeker - Water Detector and Cavity Detector

    Are you looking for underground water resources or hidden cavities up to depths of 250 meters (820 feet)? The GeoSeeker is a professional geoelectrical water detector and cavity detector that measures the ground resistivity and visualizes its scan data in incredible 3d graphics. It is a very mobile and easy to operate geoelectrical detector ...

    By OKM Ortungstechnik GmbH based in Altenburg, GERMANY. from Cavity Detectors Product line

  • Freshwatermill - Wind-Driven Water Desalination Technology

    Water desalination and electricity production at the point of use. Wind-driven water desalination technology can be used for seawater, produced water, or brackish groundwater desalination. Hydraulic wind turbine with high conversion efficiency provides pressure for water desalination, and access energy can be used for pumping the water, or for ...

    By Frontier Ventures based in NETHERLANDS. from Technology Screening Product line

  • Snorkel Pumps

    Carry Manufacturing has developed a snorkel pump for use in aerial fire fighting efforts. The pumps are designed to be installed at the end of a suction hose connected to a storage tank on a helicopter. Snorkel Type 1 pumps can be used on helicopters with storage tanks of 1,000 gallons or more. Snorkel Type 2 pumps can be used on helicopters with ...

    By Carry Manufacturing, Inc. based in Caro, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Abatement Technologies - Model Mega-Pump MP3000 - Water Extraction System

    Breakthrough Water Removal Technology Completely Removes Large Volumes of Standing Water Fast. Water restoration professionals can pump out large-volume clean or black water spills more efficiently with the powerful MEGA-PUMP MP3000 Pump/Filtration System from Abatement Technologies®. Mounted on a portable cart, the MP3000 combines a ...

    By Abatement Technologies, Inc. based in Suwanee, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Vacuums and Extractors Product line

  • Project Portal™ - Powerful Yet Intuitive Cloud-based Software

    Project Portal™ is a powerful yet intuitive cloud-based internet application developed specifically for use in the environmental and energy industries. Project Portal brings together data, documents, schedules and team members to a common meeting place where users are offered intuitive tools to access and manipulate project data. This ...

    By de maximis Data Management Solutions (ddms) based in Saint Paul, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Mayo - Slurry & Digestate Lagoons

    Our Foil Lagoons are a closed system with the opportunity to store slurry, polluted water, purified water, sludge, etc. This basin can be realised with or without a floating cover. To get a homogeneous liquid after a period of storage we can offer different systems to mix the contents of the foil basin.

    By Cow Comfort AHS Ltd based in Croston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Mayo Slurry Equipment Product line

  • Geophysical aquifer characterization

    We can help you save significant time and money when you need to • Characterize groundwater • Locate subsurface leaks and the paths that they take • Delineate contaminated groundwater and reaction fronts • Determine the location of valuable subsurface resources, such as areas of geothermal activity Instead of drilling expensive ...

    By EnviroLogek Technologies based in Culver City, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Dams, Water Resources and Groundwater Monitoring & Testing Product line

  • Unmanned Aerial Mounted Vehicle (UAV)

    The use of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) for conducting EM surveys is receiving a lot of interest. Using a UAV to carry the survey instrument allows the surveyor to cover more ground, survey in areas that are not amenable to ground vehicles, or survey areas of unstable ground too dangerous for manned operations. For many surveys with these ...

    By Geophex, Ltd. based in Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • SuperSting - Marine Resistivity Module

    The SuperSting Marine Resistivity is an add-on module to the SuperSting Wi-Fi, our multi-channel electrical imaging system. It allows for the collection of streaming marine (towed cable) data. Items in this module allow hydrographic surveys with continuously recording electrical resistivity imaging data which contain positional data from a GPS ...

    By Advanced Geosciences, Inc. based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • AquaLocate - Model PL14 - Wireless Rugged Seismoelectric System

    PetroLocate is now offering the latest version of the AquaLocate seismoelectric system (the PL14).  The PL14 is capable of detecting and imaging mobile resistive liquids (oil, gas and fresh water) to depths of up to 3000m (in ideal testing conditions).

    By PetroLocate based in Lakewood, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Drainblock Bag System

    DRAINBLOCK BAG is a system which allows a disused lateral to be sealed off, remotely, at the point where it joins the downstream drain or sewer. The system uses a twin fabric bag containing an expanding polyurethane resin foam, and is based on the FOAMBAG™ technique which the company initially developed some 25 years ago for use in the gas ...

    By Steve Vick International Ltd based in Bradford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Solutions Product line

  • Vertek - Model HT Series - Electric Conductivity (Resistivity) Module

    The HT Series Resistivity Module combines the standard CPT measurements: tip, local friction, inclination and pore water pressure with electrical measurements of the soil. The combination of these parameters provides comprehensive information useful in determining the stratigraphy of the soil and the location of potential ground water problems in ...

    By Vertek a Division of ARA based in Randolph, VERMONT (USA). from HT Series CPT Equipment Product line

  • SPP Pumps - Model FM/UL - Vertical Turbine Fire Pump

    SPP Pumps have been manufacturing fire pumps for over 130 years with one of the widest range of approvals of any manufacturer in the world. Experience gained from extreme environments such as off-shore oil & gas installations has led to the creation of the SPP Pumps FM/UL Vertical Turbine range of fire pumps approved for fire protection by FM ...

    By SPP Pumps Limited based in Theale Reading, UNITED KINGDOM. from Fire Division Product line

  • NovaLynx - Model 255-200 Class A - Evaporation Pan

    The 255-200 Evaporation Pan is a standard National Weather Service Class A type for measurement of water evaporation. It is normally installed on a wooden platform set on the ground in a grassy location. The pan is filled with water and exposed to represent an open body of water. The pan is filled to within 2.5 inches of the top of the pan. The ...

    By NovaLynx Corporation based in Grass Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Evaporation Sensors Product line

  • Promis-10 - Multi-Frequency EM Profiling

    The Promis system is available with 4-10 frequencies and a variety of cable separations. It is also offered with a three component option.

    By Heritage Group Inc. / Heritage Geophysics Inc. based in Littleton, COLORADO (USA). from Electromagnetic Instruments Product line

  • Model CIPP - Hybrid System

    CIPP liners can be one or more of the following: Infiltration through CIPP ends. Infiltration through tapped (cut) service lateral (where groundwater seeps from the crack location or leaked joint and find its way between the liner and the host pipe to reach the service lateral opening). Infiltration originated from an abandon service lateral.

    By Link-Pipe Inc. based in Richmond Hill, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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