Pipeline Infrastructure

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Pipe Repair Packer In Dubai

    PlugCo has been the most requested pipe plug and pipe repair packer manufacturer in the Gulf Region for the last 6 years. Its recognition level and customer network in the region expands every year.PlugCo, renowned for its pipe plugs and pipe joint testers, has gained popularity for pipe repair packers following an intense marketing activity in Gulf Countries. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are tourism and ...

  • PlugCo Enlarging Pipe Plug Sales Network

    PlugCo brand created in 2014 by ArgeSim Makina. We manufacture repairing, testing and sealing equipment for using at infrastructure industry the most popular one is expandable pipe plugs. ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Zoom Inspection Cameras

    Zoom Inspection Cameras

    The new industrial Cyclops PTZx Zoom Inspection Cameras are high end devices specially designed to inspect critical plant assets, infrastructure, nuclear pressure vessels, cooling pumps, channel heads, tanks, heat exchangers, fuel pools, process utilities, oil rigs, large diameter piping, wells, etc.. The system can be used to inspect these areas, view processes, monitor the build up of dirt/ ...

Upcoming Events

  • Water Management Permian Basin 2020

    Water Management Permian Basin 2020

    American Business Conferences and sister company LBCG are pioneering the way for virtual events that deliver the same level of premium content that you would expect at one of our physical events. We have researched this event in detail with end users to ensure that the program delivers genuine need-to-know information and valuable content. At the time of writing the Covid-19 virus has radically ...