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Waterra - Model FHT-45 - Disposable Groundwater Filters

by Waterra USA Inc.     Distributor in Windsor, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The Waterra FHT-45 offers the user the most surface area available in capsule type filters today. The unique open pleat geometry and 600 square cm surface area provide the maximum media exposure while ensuring that even with the most turbid samples, you will not lose filtration media to blinding.

BioLiner™ - Biodegradable – Disposable Soil Sampling Liners

by ESP, Environmental Service Products     Distributor in NEW JERSEY (USA)

Soil sample liners are similar to bailers.  They are disposable plastic tubes used to collect a soil sample as opposed to a water sample.  The soil sampling liners are used in direct push type rigs to collect a soil profile.  As the sampling tool is driven into the ground the soil is extruded inside the liner.  Once the sample ...

Delmhorst - Model J-2000 - Wood Moisture Meter

by Delmhorst Instrument Co     based in Towaco, NEW JERSEY (USA)

A moisture meter, ideal for woodworkers, contractors and furniture manufacturers. This practical and popular moisture meter is suitable for all stages of the woodworking process. The resistance technology provides accurate results. The J-2000 is easy to use. The pins are penetrated to a maximum of 8 mm in the material and the result is immediately ...


by Geo-Cleanse International, Inc.     based in Matawan, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Permanganate is a nonselective oxidant capable of oxidizing certain organic compounds. It is typically supplied as a soluble salt, either as potassium permanganate (KMnO4) or sodium permanganate (NaMnO4,).

Model PVCC - Permanent PVC Bailers

by Aqua Bailers, Inc.     Distributor in NEW JERSEY (USA)

The Permanent PVC Bailer is an investment in long-term sampling. It comes in a variety of lengths and diameters, or call for special pricing on custom bailers up to 7 feet in length.  Prior to re-use, the bottom check valve can be unscrewed and removed, allowing each internal part to be decontaminated and rinsed. To extend the length of a ...

Iron & Manganese Removal

by Hungerford & Terry, Inc.     based in Clayton, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The Ferrosand Filter Filter Media GreensandPlus from the Inversand Company A proven technology for reliable, cost-effective removal of iron, manganese, and arsenic from groundwater.

Model NPK-1 - Soil Fertility Test Kit

by Hach Company - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation     Distributor in NEW JERSEY (USA)

Soil Fertility test Kit, Model NPK-1: Designed for economical on-site evaluations of soil fertility, the NPK-1 test kit provides a simple, effective way for analysts  to determine nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium content of the soil. The test kit also includes a Pocket Pal(TM) pH Tester for quick pH measurements.

Model FMT-45 - Disposable Groundwater Filters

by Waterra USA Inc.     Distributor in Windsor, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The NEW medium turbidity Waterra FMT-45 has all of the great features of the Waterra FHT-45, but with a reduced surface area at 300 sq. cm. These filters provide an economical alternative for lower turbidity sampling, when the highest possible capacity is not required.

Model MD-2 - Acid Mine Drainage Test Kit, Drop Count Titration

by Hach Company - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation     Distributor in NEW JERSEY (USA)

Acid Mine Drainage: In areas where strip mining has occurred, runoff is often either acidic or alkaline and may contain large amounts of soluble metal salts. It could cause pH changes or otherwise contaminate lakes or streams, kill fish, and bans on public use may result. Acid Mine Drainage Test Kit Model MD-2 provides the analytical capabilities ...

CUPOLEX - Vapor Intrusion Mitigation System

by Cupolex Building Systems - Pontarolo Engineering Inc.     Distributor in South Brunswick, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Soil gas mitigation is increasingly considered as a pre-emptive strategy at sites impacted with volatile contaminants, radon or naturally-occurring biogenic gases (e.g., methane). For new building construction, there is a range of possible mitigation solutions, which often involve modification of the building envelope in contact with soil to ...

In-Situ - Model Cube 300S - Telemetry System

by In-Situ, Inc.     Distributor in NEW JERSEY (USA)

The Cube 300S Telemetry System is a solar-powered telemetry unit ideal for high frequency sampling and sites with multiple sensors or wells. The Cube 300S transmits data for up to five instruments on a cellular telemetry network, automating data collection and providing remote configuration and troubleshooting. Easily integrate ...

VanEssen - Model CTD-Diver - Water Level Dataloggers

by Van Essen Instruments     Distributor in NEW JERSEY (USA)

Where there is a need to monitor groundwater levels and saltwater intrusion, injected wastewater, or contamination from chemical discharges and landfill sites, the CTD-Diver with its rugged, corrosion proof ceramic housing, is the instrument of choice. The CTD-Diver is equipped with a four-electrode conductivity sensor ...

Model PID-04 - Borehole Winch

by A.G.O. Environmental Electronics Ltd.     Distributor in Windsor, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Two man portable, removable lifting handles, medium duty, easily disassembled for changing reel sizes for different applications, frame: powder coated aluminum tube, 36' X 23' X 17', weight: 25 Kg, 3 speed manual drive, disc brake and pin lock, stake down points, loads to 135 Kg, Signal cable reels: 2 - 3 Km of 6 mm cable, Dummy cable reels: 2 - 3 ...

MIDAS - Surveyor GPS Echosounder

by Valeport Ltd     Distributor in Windsor, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The MIDAS Surveyor has been designed to offer a low cost solution for small scale hydrographic surveys. The system is supplied with a 210kHz transducer as standard, and uses Valeport's own advanced digital signal processing techniques to ensure high accuracy and reliable bottom tracking. With an integral SBAS enabled DGPS receiver, the MIDAS ...

Flexible Fiber Scope

by EMLab P&K     Office in Marlton, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The Flexible Fiber Scope features a high resolution, high flex imaging bundle allowing you to look inside engines, behind walls, into pipes, and many other places without costly demolition or disassembly.

EAGLE LOC - Model D1784 and F480 - Well Casing Pipe

by JM Eagle     Office in Livingston, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Meets ASTM D1784 and F480, and ANSI / NSF standard 61.­JM Eagle’s Eagle Loc Well Casing is suitable for any domestic, municipal, industrial and dewatering application where solvent-weld PVC well casing is used.

vario - Model EL cube - CHNOS Elemental Analyzer

by Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH     Office in MT. Laurel, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Using more than one hundred years experience in elemental analysis in close contact with today's users of our instruments the vario EL cube was developed for a growing and changing demand in the 21st century. Designed as the successor of the most successful elemental analyzer, vario EL III, the vario EL cube is again the most versatile instrument ...

Locking Well Caps

by Waterra USA Inc.     Distributor in Windsor, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Waterra stocks two different types of locking environmental wells caps. Both of these devices have a number of unique features that customers find useful and convenient. The EcoPlug™ offers affordability with a more conventional design, but includes the largest sealing gasket of any plug available. The Enviro Cap™ is unique with ...

Gas Data - Model GFM436 - ATEX and MCERTS Accredited Portable Gas Analyser

by Gas Data Ltd     Distributor in Windsor, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The Gas Data GFM436 is an ATEX and MCERTS accredited portable gas analyser. It is designed specifically for monitoring and analysing soil gas parameters during site investigations of greenfield sites, brownfield sites and land affected by landfill operations or other industrial contamination. With robust construction and a weather-resistant case ...

Fentons Reagent

by Geo-Cleanse International, Inc.     based in Matawan, NEW JERSEY (USA)

In-situ chemical remediation offers efficient and effective ways to eliminate organic contaminants in both saturated and unsaturated environments. Geo-Cleanse International, Inc. (Geo-Cleanse) utilizes several different reagents depending on site-specific contaminants, conditions, and remedial goals. After carefully reviewing the site information, ...

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