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Soil and Groundwater Equipment

  • Model pH 4.01 1 Pint - Standard Solutiom

    pH Standard Solution 4.01 - 1 Pint

    By Pike Agri-Lab Supplies, Inc. based in Jay, MAINE (USA). from Standard Solutiom Product line

  • Geonics - Model EM39S - Borehole Conductivity Meter

    The EM39S probe provides measurement of the magnetic susceptibility of the formation in the vicinity of a borehole or monitoring well. The EM39S, with intercoil spacing of 50 cm, provides good vertical resolution while still achieving a reasonable range of investigation into the surrounding medium. High sensitivity and low noise performance ...

    By Geonics Limited based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Borehole Conductivity Meter Product line

  • Model UNITY-xr - Thermal Desorption Instrument Platforms

    The most versatile and powerful thermal desorption unit. UNITY-xr is an industry-leading analytical TD instrument for the simultaneous analysis of VOCs, SVOCs and thermally labile compounds collected onto sorbent tubes. In contrast to other thermal desorption units, UNITY-xr quantitatively re-collects samples for re-analysis or storage, enhancing ...

    By ALMSCO International based in Llantrisant, UNITED KINGDOM. from Thermal Desorption Instrument Platforms Product line

  • Eurofins - Model O-15 - Field Sampling Equipment

    For sites requiring conventional summa canister samples for soil gas collection, Eurofins Air Toxics can provide additional sampling equipment to assist with purging lines prior to collection, conducting leak checks on the train, monitoring vacuum at the extraction probe and performing an equipment train blank. Equipment available from the lab ...

    By Eurofins Air Toxics Inc based in Folsom, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Field Sampling Equipment Product line

  • Gero - Model DL02-GSM - Data Logger

    The DL-02 data logger is a very compact device, wich can operate in small 2' level observation holes because of it's integrated suspension device. The optional GSM modem is integrated in the data logger and powered by it. Depending on the installation situation, different antennas can be used.

    By Gero MeƟsysteme GmbH based in Braunschweig, GERMANY. from Data Logger Product line

  • BioTox - Model 124 3 - 500 - Enviromental Analysis Kit

    The BioTox Kit is used for the determination of toxicity of water soluble samples. The inhibitory effect of the sample on the light emission of luminescent bacteria, Aliivibrio fischeri (formerly Vibrio fischeri), is measured with a luminometer. The BioTox Kit provides a rapid, easy to use method for measuring toxicity of aqueous samples such as ...

    By Aboatox Oy based in MASKU, FINLAND.

  • Multilevel Groundwater Monitoring Technology

    The Westbay System is a multilevel groundwater monitoring technology that allows testing of hydraulic conductivity, monitoring of fluid pressure and collection of fluid samples from multiple zones within a single borehole. The sophisticated features of the Westbay System represent a significant advancement in groundwater monitoring capability. ...

    By Westbay Instruments based in Burnaby, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Geonics - Geological Survey Induction Coils

    Six induction coils are available, each most appropriate for certain depths and applications. For shallow resistivity soundings, the high bandwidth of the high frequency coils is needed for the rapidly changing early-time signal. Comparatively, for deeper soundings, or for measuring late-time signal from conductive ore bodies, the larger effective ...

    By Geonics Limited based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Geological Survey Induction Coils Product line

  • Nilex - High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Geomembranes

    High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane liners are used in a wide range of containment applications. Available in smooth, textured, white, conductive and high temperature variations, this material provides excellent durability and chemical resistance properties and is reliable in exposed applications, offering great ultraviolet ...

    By Nilex based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Remediation Control Panels

    Uncompromising control . . . that's what you get with an EPG control panel! Whether you need a simple controller or a custom integrated system design, all EPG control panels are UL listed, built site specific, and are tested prior to shipment. This eliminates system integration problems and makes all components installation ready, reducing safety ...

    By EPG Companies Inc. based in Maple Grove, MINNESOTA (USA). from Remediation Control Panels Product line

  • Model TD-16 - Coated Granular Bentonite Grouting Material

    TD-16 is a one-step coated granular bentonite grouting material designed to achieve low permeability seals in water wells, geotechnical borings, and heat pump applications. TD-16 achieves a range of solids contents, 16% to 20% solids by weight. TD-16’s granular nature reduces dusty conditions during mixing operations and slurry loss to the ...

    By Wyo-Ben, Inc. based in Billings, MONTANA (USA). from Coated Granular Bentonite Grouting Material Product line

  • Veris - High Resolution Soil pH Maps

    High resolution pH maps improve management of this key soil property. Soil pH is an important factor in crop production. Nutrient usage, crop growth, and herbicide activity are all affected by the pH of the soil. Grid samples are simply not dense enough to do the job. Within many 2.5 acre (1ha) grids, there is a wide range of pH values, often ...

    By Veris Technologies, Inc. based in Salina, KANSAS (USA). from High Resolution Soil pH Maps Product line

  • Kelway - Model HB-2 - Soil Acidity & Moisture Tester

    The Kelway tester operates on the principle of electrical potential between two dissimilar metal plates - without batteries or any external power source. When inserted into moist soil the HB-2 registers degree of acidity on the upper scale. The lower scale shows degree of moisture (% saturation) when the switch button is held depressed.

    By KEL Instruments Co., Inc based in Wyckoff,, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • pH Care Kit

    pH Care Kit solvents for organics, inorganics, and general purpose cleaner/conditioner (1 pint each). Use occasionally to clean and condition pH electrodes.

    By Pike Agri-Lab Supplies, Inc. based in Jay, MAINE (USA). from pH Care Kit Product line

  • Model MD-2 - Acid Mine Drainage Test Kit, Drop Count Titration

    Acid Mine Drainage: In areas where strip mining has occurred, runoff is often either acidic or alkaline and may contain large amounts of soluble metal salts. It could cause pH changes or otherwise contaminate lakes or streams, kill fish, and bans on public use may result. Acid Mine Drainage Test Kit Model MD-2 provides the analytical capabilities ...

  • Checker - Model HI 1270 - Replacement Probe

    Checker HI 1270 Replacement Probe. Spare pH electrode for the Hanna Instruments Checker.

    By Pike Agri-Lab Supplies, Inc. based in Jay, MAINE (USA). from Replacement Probe Product line

  • Photo Lonization Detection Unit

    A PID uses an ultraviolet light source (various wavelength to various applications – (9.6 eV, 10.6 eV and 11.7 eV) to break down chemicals to positive and negative ions (Ionization) that can very sensitively be measured with a detector. It measures the charge of the ionized ions and converts the signal into electric current in pico-ampers. ...

    By RS Dynamics based in Zug, SWITZERLAND. from Photo Lonization Detection Unit Product line

  • FEECO - Rotary Calciners

    Rotary calciners, also commonly called indirect kilns, are used in thermal processing operations where exhaust gases must be minimized, when processing finely divided solids, or where temperature must be tightly controlled along the length of the kiln.

    By FEECO International, Inc. based in Green Bay, WISCONSIN (USA). from Rotary Calciners Product line

  • NanoEVO - Self-Emulsifier

    Tersus Environmental has introduced a nanoscale emulsified vegetable oil, called NanoEVO™.  Nanoemulsions are defined as emulsions with droplet sizes typically ranging between 50 and 500 nanometers. As reported by the Applied Surfactant Laboratory at the University of Oklahoma, the median droplet size ...

    By Tersus Environmental, LLC based in Wake Forest, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Self-Emulsifier Product line

  • Geo Swing Auger

    The Gus Pech Geo Swing is the most versatile track mounted rig in the geothermal market. The maneuverability of the track mounted turret style rig allows drilling in confined spaces without leaving a heavy footprint. The Gus Pech easy set stabilizers and air hammer capabilities make drilling in uneven terrain and bed rock no problem. The turret ...

    By Gus Pech Mfg. Co., Inc. based in Le Mars, IOWA (USA).

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