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Soil & Groundwater Equipment

  • EnviroTech - Model Flex - Erosion Control Products

    Product Description FLEX is a proprietary blend of organic polymers formulated to provide a non-chloride alternative for dust control and soil stabilization. FLEX provides a smooth, hardened surface when applied correctly. Surfaces treated with Flex will shed water in heavy precipitation events which will reduce loss of soil or road base.

    By EnviroTech Services, Inc based in Greeley, COLORADO (USA). from Erosion Control Products Product line

  • HeyJute - Geotextiles for Separation & Filtration

    HeyJute offers various grades of Woven Jute Geotextiles that are a great substitute for Geo-Synthetics for certain applications such as: Construction of road and railway embankments on soft soil. Strengthening road subgrade. River and canal bank protection.

    By HeyJute based in Mount Albert, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Geotextiles Product line

  • APT - Model M109 - Rock Drill

    Weighing only 9 lbs, the APT Model 109 Rock Drill & Utility Drill is the lightest tool American Pneumatic provides. It is ideal for drilling holes for anchor bolts as well as small dowel hole drilling. The stop rotation feature easily converts the tool from a drilling machine to a percussion only tool.

    By American Pneumatic Tools (APT) based in Santa Fe Springs, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Rock Drills Product line

  • Cooper Environmental - Model Xact® 920 - Multi-Metals Continuous Water Analyzer

    The Xact® 920 system uses reel-to-reel filter tape sampling and nondestructive X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis to monitor aqueous samples for user-selected metals. A measured amount of unknown sample is blended with a known amount of internal standard which is continuously nebulized, evaporated, and collected onto the filter tape. The liquid ...

    By Cooper Environmental based in Beaverton, OREGON (USA). from Water Monitoring Product line

  • Dragflow - Model DRH Series - Dredges With Steel Cable

    The dredge with steel cables, for being so user friendly, represents the best solution used in many touristic harbours, they find this machine as the best financial compromise between performance and initial investment. This dredge is built with technology that is suitable also for applications  where deep dredging is needed without ...

    By Dragflow S.r.l. based in Villafranca, ITALY. from Dredges Product line

  • Anti-Turbidity Bell for environmental dredging

    The sea sediments can be polluted by metals, hydrocarbons, bacteria, chemical substances which in most cases are toxic, resilient and accumulate as debries. A digging operation without turbidity limitation of the surrounding waters could cause serious damage to the marine ecosystem. This problem has been solved by Dragflow through the addition of ...

    By Dragflow S.r.l. based in Villafranca, ITALY. from Accessories Product line

  • Bioscience - Model BI-2000 - Laboratory Respirometer

    Years of field-proven reliability and consistent, long-term accuracy have made Bioscience’s BI-2000 the gold standard in laboratory respirometers. The BI-2000 offers ease of use, stability and precision in automatic, computer-controlled aerobic/anaerobic, biodegradability, biotreatability and bioremediation testing, as well as toxicity ...

    By Bioscience, Inc. based in Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Analytical Products Product line

  • KC - Agassiz Trawl

    Application: The Agassiz trawl is used to collect organisms, particularly invertebrates, living on the ocean bottom.

    By KC-Denmark A/S based in Silkeborg, DENMARK. from Dredges Product line

  • Oil Cept - Model BFL - Oil Interceptors Enables Biodegradation

    BFL OilCept is a product specifically formulated to accelerate the biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in oil interceptors. BFL OilCept reduces the maintenance time and costs associated with the management of such systems. As the oil accumulates on the surface of the water in the interceptor, it forms an insulating layer which prevents oxygen ...

    By Biofuture Ltd based in Dublin, IRELAND. from Bioremediation Products Product line

  • Vertek - Model VTK 15cm2 - Digital Cone

    Rugged and Reliable - Vertek’s Digital Cones provide simple, easyto-use CPT measurements in a compact system. Since analog-to-digital conversion is preformed downhole, the bulkiness of cabling and uphole electronics are reduced, and noise problems associated with cable length and low voltage signals of analog systems are eliminated. ...

    By Vertek Cone Penetration Test Equipment based in Randolph, VERMONT (USA). from VTK Series CPT Equipment Product line

  • SmartGuard

    The next generation sensor and instrument datalogger for Ocean, Lake, Reservoir, Estuary and River Hydrometric stations. Monitoring water and weather conditions is essential in many operations and the SmartGuard datalogger is well suited for stand-alone stations powered by battery and solar power utilising wireless real-time data ...

    By Xylem Analytics UK Limited based in Hertfordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dataloggers Product line

  • Mascaro Profile Sampler

    This profile sampler’s cutter blade features a specially-designed hinge that allows you to open the blade and view your soil sample instantly – with no bolts or screws to loosen! The sampler takes undisturbed soil profiles up to 7˝ deep x 3˝ wide x 1/2˝ thick. Just raise the sampler one to two feet above the turf and drive it ...

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA). from Soil Sampling Tools & Supplies Product line

  • Tubular Soil Sampler

    This stainless steel tubular sampler takes a sample 7ÞL x 1/2ÞDia.

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA). from Soil Sampling Tools & Supplies Product line

  • Rock Drilling Tools StepconeBit

    Sturdy version, Cost- effective, Jets in drilling axis, Effective in soft rock, Suitable for soft or hard- bitten rock up to 100 MPa.

    By AT-Boretec based in Schmallenberg, GERMANY.

  • Model AS Series - Conductivity Sensors

    The new AS series builds upon the success of the MS series to represent a new level of performance and cost. These probes feature your choice of 316 stainless steel or graphite electrodes, Noryl shells and encapsulated interiors that will satisfy just about any industrial, power plant or laboratory application. This technology, insures that, with ...

    By Water Analytics Inc based in Andover, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Conductivity Product line

  • FreshAWL - Model DF-701™ - Refinery Degreaser

    Outside surface cleaning of industrial plants is a major area of concern for plant operation professionals who need to manage site maintenance and cleaning of excess grease, oil, sludge, and other substances that can be dangerous to employees working around the oil rig and refinery, and can also cause an explosion risk if not taken care of ...

    By FreshAWL, LLC based in Concord, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Hydrocarbon Waste Treatment Systems Product line

  • Rieker - Model B Series - Linear Static & Dynamic Accelerometers

    An accelerometer is an instrument for measuring acceleration, detecting and measuring vibrations, or for measuring acceleration due to gravity (inclination). Accelerometers can be used to measure vibration on vehicles, machines, buildings, process control systems and safety installations.  They can also be used to measure seismic activity, ...

    By Rieker Inc based in Aston, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Accelerometer Product line

  • Model PT Series - Piston Pumps

    Double-acting piston pumps for wellpoint dewatering. Simple and reliable pumps of high efficiency.

    By Pumpability Pty Limited based in Baulkham Hills, AUSTRALIA. from Wellpoint Dewatering Product line

  • Conductive HDPE Liners

    Conductive HDPE liner is a 100% spark-testable, premium grade, high density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane liner. specially formulated using polyethylene resins and is a coextruded product. The lower surface of Conductive HDPE is a thin layer of polyethylene containing electrically conductive carbon black. This allows for the easy and efficient ...

    By Agru Ireland Ltd. T/A Lining Tech based in Tramore, IRELAND. from Geomembranes Product line

  • Linear Low Density Polyethylene Liners (LLDPE) Liners

    Linear Low Density Polyethylene Liners are manufactured with high quality resins specifically formulated for flexible geomembranes. LLDPE geomembranes are used for applications where increased flexibility and elongation of materials are required. LLDPE geomembranes are available in thicknesses from 1.0 mm to 2.5mm and are produced with either ...

    By Agru Ireland Ltd. T/A Lining Tech based in Tramore, IRELAND. from Geomembranes Product line

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