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  • Flat Patch
    Showcase Product

    Flat Patch

    By InduMar Products, Inc.

    Stop It Flat Patch is a leak sealant product designed for applications where localized repair is needed or full pipe wraps are impractical. The carbon fiber composite repair system quickly restores operations for ...

  • Waterjet Cutting System
    Showcase Product

    Waterjet Cutting System

    By EOS Remediation, LLC

    Subsurface waterjet technology engineered to deliver a slow release hydrogen donor for effective in situ bioremediation in low-permeability soils. BioJet provides a solution for one of the most difficult challenges of ...

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  • Environmental Science: Nano

    NEW JOURNAL LAUNCHING 2014Environmental Science: Nano will be a comprehensive source of information on nanomaterial interactions with biological a

  • Heavy Metals in the Environment

    Heavy Metals in the Environment

    Offering broad coverage of both basic and advanced principals and applications, this volume provides chemical and environmental engineers with the ...

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  • EmiControls


    In 2011 EmiControls starts to manufactures and supplies custom-made solutions for dust control and odor elimination for a wide and diverse range of ...

  • InduMar Products, Inc.

    InduMar Products, Inc.

    InduMar Products, Inc. provides a unique solution for repairing leaking pipes that has won world wide acceptance in environments where lost time is ...

  • EOS Remediation, LLC

    EOS Remediation, LLC

    EOS Remediation has been the leading provider of in situ remediation products that reengineer the groundwater environment transforming contaminants ...