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  • Battling the waste sector´s common enemy: moisture content

    Battling the waste sector´s common enemy: moisture content

    Moisture content has always been a barrier to maximizing profit from many waste streams. The problematic moisture content is mainly contained in the cell structure of organic materials. Conventional mechanical and thermal dryers like belt, drum, and liquidized bed dryers can’t open the cell structures of organic material and remove the moisture inside. Any dryer with mechanical pulverizing ...

  • Solution-Mining Modeling - Case Study

    Solution-Mining Modeling - Case Study

    Project Description A confidential mining client was interested in evaluating various potential future solution-mining scenarios using a numerical model in order to assess potential ore recovery, ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Hose and Tubing

    Hose and Tubing

    QED has the widest range of hose and tubing options for expansion of your pumping system. Over 25 years at thousands of sites, QED had developed a comprehensive range of accessory equipment to put together the precise system to match your project requirements - with many exclusive options available nowhere else.