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  • Rock Mechanics Study for the Kevitsa Strategy Project - Case Study

    Project DescriptionThe Kevitsa open pit mine has been in operation since 2012 and was acquired by Boliden in 2016. A new strategic plan is currently being developed to investigate an increase in production. In conjunction with this, the geotechnical slope design parameters for the final pit depth, including a possibly deeper pit, need to be analyzed.OFFICE


  • Alliance agreement between Golder Associates and Blue Heron

    Alliance agreement between Golder Associates and Blue Heron

    We are pleased to announce that Golder Associates ltd. (Golder) and Blue Heron - Solutions for Environmental Management Inc. (Blue Heron) have signed an Alliance Agreement to strenghten and grow the services we provide to new and existing clients in ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Stone Trap System

    Stone Trap System

    The Ovivo Stone Trap system removes small stones and rocks from screenings when water is used for screenings transport. If not removed, stones and rocks will result in premature wear of the screw mechanism used in screenings compaction and dewatering. Since water is used to transport screenings in many applications, such as with Ovivo`s center flow and drum screens, the Stone Trap is an ideal ...

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  • Focused Seismic and Liquefaction Training 2019

    Focused Seismic and Liquefaction Training 2019

    Itasca is offering a focused training session with instruction by experienced engineering consultants, hands-on modeling exercises, and open discussion with other attendees regarding best practices. This course is best suited for someone with basic knowledge of FLAC or FLAC3D.