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  • How to Choose a Right Rock Crusher?

    How to Choose a Right Rock Crusher?

    In the mining sector, crushers are the most essential crushing equipment and they can handle a wide variety of rocks. However, each mining machine has different performances and characteristics, so the materials they can process are also quite different. The choice of rock crusher placed on the production line depends on many factors. First of all, we must know about the characteristics ...

  • HAVS - occupational hand arm vibration

    HAVS - occupational hand arm vibration

    Overexposure to vibration from power tools, machinery and vehicles can impact the human body in several ways and cause permanent damage. The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimates there could ...


  • Bauma Shanghai, 2018

    Bauma Shanghai, 2018

    We, Shijin Machinery attended the Shanghai Baoma Expo. 2018.DEHN hydraulic hammer, a perfect one-stop option for small business growth. Seeking for affordable rock breakers for your beloved excavators? Want to purchase a hydraulic hammer ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Rock Breaker Kit

    Rock Breaker Kit

    Used to split or chip rocks and stones found in an augered hole. The AMS rock breaker is an alloy steel sharp edged chisel designed for use with the AMS slide hammer. Used to break up obstructions in augered holes and to penetrate hard pan lenses.