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  • Particle settling with lamella clarifiers/ tube settlers

    Particle settling with lamella clarifiers/ tube settlers

    Watch video tutorial here: in water and waste water accelerate towards the tank bottom as long as the gravity force is bigger than the sum of all drag forces. The settling velocity of the particle is Vs = H/t. In reality the settling velocity is never constant as ot


  • How could pollen clean water?

    How could pollen clean water?

    When we hear the word pollen, we most commonly think of hay fever, sneezing and allergic reactions. However, pollen is a largely beneficial component of our environment, aiding in the natural cycles of plant fertilisation and reproduction. But ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Non-Ragging Static Channel Mixer (NRC)

    Non-Ragging Static Channel Mixer (NRC)

    A non-ragging static channel mixer for dosing additives into wastewater including raw sewage.  The Statiflo NRC Mixer has been designed specifically for P removal applications but can equally be used on any chemical dosing service on raw sewage where non-ragging properties are essential.  It has a unique variable geometry custom designed for the widest range of wastewater ...