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  • Simulation of Three-Dimensional Pore-Pressure Distribution for Slope-Stability Analysis

    Abstract: A 3D groundwater flow model was constructed using MINEDW [1] to simulate pore pressure at the Chuquicamata open pit mine slope in Chile. Three main factors required the implementation of a 3D model for the prediction of pore pressures: (1) discrete zones of recharge in the gravel zone lead to the non-uniform flow field; (2) the low-permeability west fault and shear zones maintain th


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  • Geomonitor Online Monitoring System

    Geomonitor Online Monitoring System

    Online monitoring is basically established on the basis of current measurement space (either 2D or 3D) and added the time dimension. By comparing measurement outcomes from various time slices to initial state (background values), the anomalies of the monitored target is determined from this variation over time. Derived from electrical resistivity method, Geomative Inc. developed Geomonitor Online ...