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Seismic Monitoring Applications

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    Zeta Potential

    Zeta potential is a parameter characterizing electrochemical equilibrium at interfaces. It depends on the properties of both the surface and the surrounding liquid. It plays an important role in the theory of aggregative stability, also known as DLVO theo

    By Dispersion Technology Inc. based in Bedford Hills, NEW YORK (USA).

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    ElectroAcoustic Theory

    Electroacoustic effects are result of coupling between acoustic and electric fields. Debye realized 70 years ago that in the presence of longitudinal sound wave, any differences in the effective mass or friction coefficient between anions and cations woul

    By Dispersion Technology Inc. based in Bedford Hills, NEW YORK (USA).

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    Radon Monitoring for Radon Calibration

    Radon monitoring for Radon calibration labs, research and expertise, specific applications (seismic survey, and so on)

    By Bertin Instruments based in Montigny-le-Bretonneux, FRANCE.

  • Geogrid for MSEW

    BOSTD Geogrid MSEW design software is used to design these structures that are built of BOSTD uniaxial geogrid, fill materials a facing panel system and drainage. Fill materials can be from local sources eliminating high transport costs, Construction techniques often only require labour and simple machinery, The overall project cost is normally significantly less than traditional reinforced concrete structures. The structure is flexible and can better adapt to foundation deformation due differential settlement...

    By BOSTD Geosynthetics Qingdao Ltd. based in Chengyang District, CHINA.

  • Custom fabricated process vessel for the pulp & paper industry

    We designed, engineered, and fabricated this process vessel for use within an FRP scrubber, in a pollution control/waste elimination system. The vessel had to meet specific gravity specifications and be able to sustain pressures of 20″ WC, 100 mph wind loads, as well as seismic zone requirements. Integration into the FRP scrubber system called for the installation of 12 individual flanged nozzles, air inlet and outlet flanges, 6 side and top bolted manways, header clips, and much more. In addition, to...

    By Augusta Fiberglass (AFC) based in Blackville, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Sound instrumentation for Human vibration

    Vibration is simply defined as the variation of an object about a fixed position. To properly define and quantify the physical characteristics of vibration, however, is much more complex – account must be taken of the direction, frequency and magnitude of vibration. Then, what properties should be measured? Is it appropriate to measure the displacement of the vibrating object as a measure of its amplitude, or should we instead measure velocity, or acceleration? What are the conventions for measuring direction...

    By Norsonic AS based in Tranby, NORWAY.

  • Seismic Monitoring

    With Sound Velocity through the water being of prime importance during seismic surveys, Valeport offer a variety of sensors and probes to measure sound velocity with an unsurpassed accuracy level. Whether you require just a sensor or a SVP for profiling, we have products for surface use and up to 6000m depth operation.

    By Valeport Ltd based in Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Industrial butterfly valve solutions for oil & gas industry

    The sector has been steadily redefining production possibilities. Technological innovation has made it possible to extract fossil fuels that weren’t accessible just a decade or two ago. Gas from shale and oil from oilsands—these are resources that were considered too difficult or expensive to access in the past, but they’re now transforming the marketplace.

    By Hobbs Valve based in Caerphilly, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Geostatistics Software for Optimizing Reservoir Characterization

    Geostatistics provides the most efficient framework to build accurate and reliable static models of reservoirs.

    By Geovariances based in AVON, FRANCE.

  • Dams and Dikes Structural Health Monitoring Systems

    The control of a dam requires a wide range of important information coming from the sensors, which are of vital importance for the life of a dam. Engineers in charge can take specific and sudden decisions for a correct control of a dam`s reservoir, body and foundations. However, monitoring is not only carried out by sensors, but it also involves direct or remote visual inspection as well as topographical measuring.

    By Roctest - part of Nova Metrix LLC based in Saint-Lambert, QUEBEC (CANADA).

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