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  • Impulse Generator
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    Impulse Generator

    By Geotomographie GmbH

    The Impulse Generator IPG5000 (formerly named IPG1005) is the high voltage supply to the seismic borehole sources BIS-SH and SBS42. The energy is stored in a large capacitor bank which discharges through a mechanical ...

  • Surface Vibrator Source
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    Surface Vibrator Source

    By Geotomographie GmbH

    The Vibrator Source ElViS III is used to generate P- or S-wave sweep signals. The source consists of a moving mass driven by a cascaded linear motor. The source is fully cased. An adjustable pneumatic suspension ensures ...

  • For High Resolution 2D Seismic Surveys
    Showcase Product

    For High Resolution 2D Seismic Surveys

    By Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd

    Geometrics SolidTM GeoEel’s elegant design offers superior performance for high resolution 2D seismic surveys.

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  • Geostuff


    Around 1990, there was a double evolution in seismic surveys. Petroleum exploration crews had started using what are called `distributed systems` as ...

  • Mando Security

    Mando Security launched in 2010 in order to cater for the security needs of local and international companies working in Kurdistan. Our first major ...

  • IMC Geophysics International Limited

    IMC Geophysics International Limited provides a comprehensive range of geophysical services to a wide and growing client base. The company owns and ...

  • Geotomographie GmbH

    Geotomographie GmbH

    Geotomographie provides complete solutions for borehole and near-surface seismic surveys to geophysical, engineering and mining companies. We design ...