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Activated Sludge Process – Advanced Bio-Engineering for Sewage Treatment Plants

by M/s Green Solutions (India) Pvt Limited     based in Coimbatore, INDIA

The treatment plant, which we propose to you, is a unique combination of Engineering and Biotechnology – Bacterial cultures for better degradation of all substances, which we refer to as Advanced Bioengineering.

Seismic Data Interpretation Services

by Geofizyka Toruń S.A.     Office in New Delhi, INDIA

Geofizyka Toruń (GT) has been providing integrated 2D, 3D and multicomponent (3C) seismic data interpretation services since 1966.

Well Log Digitization & Indexing

by Zeta Softech Pvt.Ltd.     based in Nagpur, INDIA

We are a leading well log digitizing, and image processing company of India. Well logging is a technique used in the oil and gas industry for recording rock and fluid properties to find hydrocarbon zones in the geological formations below the Earths crust. A logging procedure consists of lowering a logging tool on the end of a wireline into an oil ...

Well Logging & Well Log Analysis Services

by Geofizyka Toruń S.A.     Office in New Delhi, INDIA

GT provides precise, comprehensive subsurface evaluation services during or after drilling in open or cased holes as well in production wells with an integrated and efficient approach. More than 40-years of experience brings the best practices regardless of the project's size or location. Operational excellence, well-trained geophysicists and ...

Terrain Modeling (DTM) Services

by Satpalda Geospatial Services     based in NEW DELHI, INDIA

A digital terrain model is a topographic model of the bare earth i.e.terrain relief. The data files contain the spatial elevation data of the terrain in a digital format which usually presented as a rectangular grid. Vegetation, buildings and other man-made (artificial) features are removed digitally – leaving just the underlying terrain ( ...

Seismic Data Processing Services

by Geofizyka Toruń S.A.     Office in New Delhi, INDIA

Geofizyka Torun (GT) has been providing services in digital seismic data processing since 1972. The experience gained in key basins of Europe, Asia, Central America, and the Middle East allows us to provide high quality services in processing of land, marine, and transition zone data regardless of complexity of particular geology.

Soil Testing

by Perfect Pollucon Services     based in Thane, INDIA

Soil Testing is necessaory to check its fertility. nowadays increased usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides can degrade quality of soil. by using our analytical laboratory services we can help you to increase its fertility. We provide reports for parameters: pH, Residual Chlorine, Chloride as Cl-, Sulphate as SO4, Phosphate as PO4, LOD @ ...

Brownfield Redevelopment Services

by Weston Solutions, Inc     Office in Hyderabad, INDIA

Local communities in the process of acquisition or divestiture of environmentally impaired properties or brownfield sites face unique challenges. Whether these properties are acquired from federal or state entities or from defunct corporations, local decisionmakers are often presented with real estate burdened by significant environmental ...

Geographical Information Survey (GIS) with GPS

by Dass Rasayanic Services     based in Agra, INDIA

GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SURVEY (GIS) WITH GPS GIS Survey with help of Satellite Imagery and attributes the physical survey data for preparation Master plan, Zonal plan and Sector plan etc. Topographical and cadastral surveys with contour and surface features for site plan preparation- for all infrastructure works: roads, water supply, sewerage, ...

Soil Testing

by Anacon Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.     based in Nagpur, INDIA

Soil Texture, Soil Chemical Analysis(Total), Water Soluble Salts, Available Nutrients, Exchangeable Cations, Lime & Gypsum requirements of Soil, Fertility Status of Soil.

Near-Surface Geophysics Services

by Geofizyka Toruń S.A.     Office in New Delhi, INDIA

Apart from standard geophysical services, GT offers a variety of near-surface geophysical in the field of geology, hydrogeology and environmental protection. These include electromagnetic methods, direct current surveys, magnetic and ground penetrating radar surveys as well as radon detection surveys. GT also designs and completes deep anode ...

Site Assessment Services

by Weston Solutions, Inc     Office in Hyderabad, INDIA

Tough federal, state and local regulations can be a challenge when developing a new or existing site. Ecological and human health risks and potential resampling costs are other client concerns. We understand these concerns and work with clients to solve these and other tough challenges. WESTON has conducted thousands of routine and high-risk ...

Seismic Data Acquisition Services

by Geofizyka Toruń S.A.     Office in New Delhi, INDIA

Geofizyka Toruń (GT), established in 1966, delivers seismic data acquisition services to the energy exploration industry worldwide. GT operates up to 10 seismic crews and secures all aspects of seismic operations. Areas of activity include: prospecting conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon deposits, geothermal energy reservoirs and ...

GIS & Remote Sensing

by Zeta Softech Pvt.Ltd.     based in Nagpur, INDIA

At Zeta Softech we offer accurate geo-coding / geo- referencing and are capable of various Analytical procedures for different users in Agriculture, Fisheries, Telecom, Electrical, water supplies, Market Research, Utilities, Oil & Gas Industry, Crime Mapping, Flood Management or Hazard mitigation. At Zeta Softech we provide high quality ...

Groundwater Remediation Services

by Weston Solutions, Inc     Office in Hyderabad, INDIA

In 1972, WESTON installed and began operating a groundwater remediation system at the Army Creek Landfill site. At the time, it was one of the first “pump and treat” groundwater remediation systems ever installed. Since that time, WESTON has performed 1,200 projects related to groundwater, wastewater, leachate, and stormwater ...

Environmental Impact Assessment Services (EIA)

by HR Wallingford     Office in Mumbai, INDIA

HR Wallingford offers a full range of environmental impact assessment solutions that is tailored to meet our client’s individual needs. We integrate environmental assessment expertise in our marine and freshwater modelling, dredging, flood risk, water management and engineering advisory services.

Consulting Services

by ribeka GmbH - Groundwater Management     Distributor in INDIA

As ground water experts with long standing experience in the field of ground water monitoring, data base management and implementation of highly sophisticated ground water monitoring equipment, we consult and accompany our customers from the first project idea to a fully customized ground water monitoring and management system.

Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI) Services

by Onyx Dynamic Balancing Services     based in New Delhi, INDIA

Dye penetrant inspection (DPI), also called liquid penetrant inspection (LPI), is a widely applied and low-cost inspection method used to locate surface-breaking defects in all non-porous materials (metals, plastics, or ceramics). Penetrant may be applied to all non-ferrous materials, but for inspection of ferrous components magnetic-particle ...

GIS Mapping

by Variac Systems Pvt. Ltd.     based in Chennai, INDIA

Our GIS services are focused around the area of Digital Mapping. Variac Systems understands that at the heart of any Geographical Information System (GIS) is the map database. The efficiency of a GIS is therefore related to the accuracy and reliability of the related map data. Variac specializes in offering services towards creating, customizing, ...

GIS Base Mapping Services

by Geomatiques Aero Technologies Pvt Ltd     based in Madurai, INDIA

Geographic Information Systems (GIS). There are a number of GIS packages on the market, each of them offering varying functionalities at a wide range of costWith GIS solutions one may:. Create meaningful and intelligent maps used to share and publish new information. Enhance the analysis of geodata. Organize project data sets in thematic layers ...

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