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Well Water Treatment Services

by AquaSource Group Inc.     based in Honeoye, NEW YORK (USA)

When it comes to private water supplies, The AquaSource Group are The Finger Lakes Region's most experienced water system professionals…period. Whether you get your water from a well, spring, lake, pond or river…the certified professionals at AquaSource can provide a comprehensive water treatment, pumping and distribution system to ...

Vapor Intrusion Services

by Anderson Mulholland & Associates, Inc. (AMAI)     based in Purchase, NEW YORK (USA)

Anderson Mulholland offers a full service, comprehensive approach to vapor intrusion at commercial and industrial facilities, as well as residential neighborhoods and individual homes.

Superfund Site Project Management

by Project Navigator, Ltd. (PNL)     Office in Westchester, NEW YORK (USA)

Providing solutions to Superfund site issues is a core competence of Project Navigator. Our key personnel have more than 50 years experience working on demanding projects, such as the Operating Industries Inc. and McColl Sites. We have held lead management positions at more than ten major Surperfund sites, where we have saved our clients millions ...

Environmental Health & Safety Services

by Hillmann Group, LLC     Office in Clifton Park, NEW YORK (USA)

At Hillmann Consulting, LLC we realize the importance of ensuring and maintaining a safe and healthy environment both at work and at home.  We provide a wide range of Environmental Health & Safety services from proactive indoor air quality (IAQ) evaluations to sick building response investigations.  Our services are designed to ...

Soil Nails Walls

by Advanced Construction Techniques Ltd. (ACT)     Office in Cheektowaga, NEW YORK (USA)

Soil Nails are steel reinforcing members that are typically installed in a closely spaced grid pattern, fully grouted, passive (non-tensioned) anchors that when covered with shotcrete, create a cohesive mass with improved shear strength to prevent slope failure. Soil nails are generally used where prestressing is either not possible or desired. ...

Conflict Minerals Reporting Services

by Assent Compliance Inc.     based in New York, NEW YORK (USA)

Under the Conflict Minerals Provision, companies who determine that their products contain Conflict Minerals and companies who cannot determine the origin of their conflict minerals must furnish a Conflict Minerals Report with the SEC. This determinatio

Injection Services

by Parratt-Wolff     based in East Syracuse, NEW YORK (USA)

Injecting various types of fluids such as HRC, ORC or other site-specific solutions have become commonplace in the environmental industry. Similar to pressure grouting, injecting these products involves conveying into contaminated formations known volumes of fluids at precise depths.

Jet Grouting Services

by Advanced Construction Techniques Ltd. (ACT)     Office in Cheektowaga, NEW YORK (USA)

Jet Grouting creates in-situ columns of grouted soil using very high pressure grout injection. Grouting is performed by pumping high velocity jets of grout (or sometimes grout and air or grout, water and air) through the side of a grout monitor, attached at the end of the drill string. The jets erode and mix the soil as the drill string and the ...

Conflict Mineral Compliance Services

by Assent Compliance Inc.     based in New York, NEW YORK (USA)

Assent Compliance offers turnkey conflict mineral compliance services that helps companies of all sizes improve their conflict minerals programs, while also reducing their costs and saving hours of wasted time and effort.

Conflict Minerals Scope Assessment Services

by Assent Compliance Inc.     based in New York, NEW YORK (USA)

Assent has developed a compliance platform that helps companies of all sizes struggling with conflict minerals scope assessment. Assent Compliance performs full Conflict Minerals Scope Assessments for our customers in order to make the following determinations: Products in scope of the Conflict Mineral provision. Corporate obligations. Conflict ...

Conflict Minerals Consulting Services

by Assent Compliance Inc.     based in New York, NEW YORK (USA)

Assent Compliance offers customizable and turnkey conflict minerals consulting services that have saved companies of all sizes thousands of wasted dollars and hours. From small and medium sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Assent provides a conflict minerals solution that companies can rely on. Assent’s expertise and in ...

Geospatial Data And Decision Tools

by Earthpace     based in NEW YORK (USA)

Geospatial data, such as satellite remote sensing images and geographic information systems (GIS), provide innovative ways for organizations to monitor environmental projects and enforce regulatory compliance. Earthpace helps its clients to integrate these data sources into decision-making processes in a number of contexts, including emergency ...

Mold Remediation Project Management

by Bluepoint Environmental LLC     based in Syracuse, NEW YORK (USA)

Supervisory management of mold remediation projects to verify that proper mold remediation procedures are being followed by the remediation contractor, verify containment integrity throughout the project, monitor negative pressure differentials within the containment area, verify proper use of PPE and decontamination procedures and enforce strict ...

EU Conflict Minerals Consulting Services

by Assent Compliance Inc.     based in New York, NEW YORK (USA)

Assent has extensive knowledge of complying with conflict minerals. As this new regulation for conflict minerals evolves in the European Union, Assent is here to help your company understand how you are affected and how to get compliant. Get ahead of the regulation with Assent’s EU conflict minerals services. See How Assent Can Help Today.

Hydrogeology Services

by P.W. Grosser Consulting, Inc     based in Bohemia, NEW YORK (USA)

PWGC's staff of scientists and engineers has extensive experience completing investigations, including working through the investigation,  design, operation maintenance phases, and closure.

Conflict Mineral Data Collection Support Services

by Assent Compliance Inc.     based in New York, NEW YORK (USA)

As part of the Conflict Minerals RCOI the Assent Compliance supply chain team can provide conflict mineral data collection support services for software and non-software clients alike. Assent’s professional data mining teams can operate to communicate with your suppliers via phone and email to locate the right contact, and the ...

Hydrogeological Services

by RIZZO Associates     Office in Tarrytown, NEW YORK (USA)

RIZZO's hydrogeological services include field-based site investigations, long-term groundwater elevation and groundwater quality monitoring, aquifer testing, and numerical groundwater modeling, as well as surface water elevation measurements, surface water quality surveys, and stream flow measurements.


by Environmental Soil Management, Inc.     based in Fort Edward, NEW YORK (USA)

ESMI can facilitate the pickup and transportation of samples from your job site to a NELAP Certified Laboratory. If additional sampling services are needed, ESMI can work with our network of reputable environmental contractors to meet your sampling requirements.

Testing Services

by Eastern Environmental Solutions Inc.     based in Manorville, NEW YORK (USA)

Whether you have soil, water, or air testing needs, Eastern will collect a sample of your media using the most up to date equipment available following the most stringent of regulatory guidelines.

Mold Services

by VOETS, LLC     based in New York,, NEW YORK (USA)

Exposure to elevated levels of mold can cause a myriad of health concerns. Mold is a known allergen, irritant, and asthma trigger for many with the condition. It can also cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP) and some types of mold are known pathogens that can cause infections, especially in people with a weakened or suppressed immune system. ...

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