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Environmental Management Services

by RESPEC     based in Rapid City, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA)

RESPEC has been conducting a wide variety of environmental management services for public- and private-sector clients for more than 25 years. RESPEC employs a core staff of registered Professional Engineers, Professional Geologists, and technical support staff. Our expertise in water resources and geological characterizations is partnered with our ...

Grout Sample Testing Services

by GeoPro, Inc.     based in Elkton, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA)

Grout thermal conductivity is a critical design parameter in ground heat exchanger design. It has a significant impact on not only the length/depth of the bore but also in the subsequent system’s performance. Most geothermal heating/cooling projects are designed using a specific grout thermal conductivity value. It is then the ...

Groundwater Services

by RESPEC     based in Rapid City, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA)

Understanding, protection, and management of water resources are critical to our future.   RESPEC’s extensive knowledge of groundwater resource techniques and analysis methodologies enables us to focus our approach to each groundwater resources problem. We develop cost-effective, practical resource evaluation and monitoring ...

Turn-Key Design Services

by J.C. Ramsdell Enviro Services, Inc.     based in Flandreau, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA)

From inception to final construction, J.C. Ramsdell has the experience and expertise to design a common-sense containment solution for your operation. We have been designing systems for 26 years and know what works. JC Ramsdell is able to design and install a geomembrane liner suitable for your operation's needs.

Subsidence Engineering Services

by RESPEC     based in Rapid City, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA)

RESPEC provides comprehensive engineering services for surface subsidence:

Environmental Engineering Services

by SEH (Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc)     Office in SOUTH DAKOTA (USA)

Sound engineering principles, combined with solid scientific background, allows SEH to help public and private clients stay in compliance with EPA, saving time and money. We provide a variety of environmental assessments, compliance, planning, air quality, permitting and remediation services for industry, solid waste, mining and chemical and fuel ...

Silica Sand Evaluation Services

by GeoPro, Inc.     based in Elkton, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA)

Silica sand is a critical component in Thermal Grout Lite and Thermal Grout Select mixtures. Any sand to be used with Thermal Grout must meet our stringent requirements. We can only guarantee that Thermal Grout will meet project specifications when an approved silica sand source is used. 

Loopfield Design Assistance Services

by GeoPro, Inc.     based in Elkton, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA)

Ground heat exchanger design can be a complicated process. But Reynold’s number, turbulence, flow balancing, thermal conductivity, diffusivity and unbalanced ground loads are technical terms that our engineers actually get excited to hear.    

Rock Salt Testing

by RESPEC     based in Rapid City, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA)

Laboratory measurements are often the cornerstone for the geomechanics studies required in the design of underground excavations. The Materials Testing Laboratory at RESPEC provides all the testing and materials characterization services needed for rock salt applications. Our services include routine and custom-designed testing and analysis ...

Field Services

by RESPEC     based in Rapid City, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA)

For the past 25 years, RESPEC has provided engineering and field services to meet customers' on-site needs. RESPEC's field services usually are completed by experienced staff members; the average experience of those providing field services exceeds 10 years. A range of field services is provided by RESPEC. General areas of our expertise include:

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