Soil and Groundwater Software available in Virginia

  • QuickLog - Header/Footer Setup Software

    QuickLog greatly speeds and simplifies the process of creating boring log/well construction diagrams. Featuring a point and click graphical interface, it's intended for use by geologists or data entry staff members to create diagrams without the need for a CAD system. Hundreds of different formats can be created without programming or lengthy ...

    By M-Tech Software Inc. based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • QuickGIS/QuickSoil - Lithology Data

    In the QuickGIS editor, you open each boring file and then place its geological layer data into a table of X, Y, Z coordinates. Once in this format, QuickGIS can export the data to a variety of modelling programs. This two step process is necessary because human interpretation of the layers is almost always needed.

    By M-Tech Software Inc. based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • InRoads Site Suite

    InRoads Site is joined by InRoads Storm and Sanitary and InRoads Survey to compose a cohesive software suite for site development and terrain modeling. This single, field-to-finish solution helps you develop virtually any type of land project, from a complete subdivision or campus to a building site – even a landfill.

    By Bentley Systems Incorporated based in Exton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from InRoads Site Suite Software line

  • Version GEO5 - Slope Stability Geotechnical Software

    The program analyses the stability of generally layered soil slopes. It is used mainly for stability checks of embankments, earth cuts and anchored sheeting structures. The slip surface is considered as circular (the Bishop, Fellenius/Petterson, Janbu, Morgenstern-Price or the Spencer method) or polygonal (the Sarma, Janbu, Morgenstern-Price or ...

    By Fine spol. s r.o. based in Praha 6, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Slope Stability Geotechnical Software Software line

  • Version GEO5 - Slab Plate Program Design Software

    The program Slab (formerly: Plate) is used for design of foundation mats and slabs of any shape on elastic subsoil, using the Finite Element Method.

    By Fine spol. s r.o. based in Praha 6, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Slab Plate Program Design Software Software line

  • Version GEO5 - Computes Basic Earth Pressures Program Software

    The program computes basic earth pressures (active, passive pressure, and pressure at rest) acting upon an arbitrary curved structure.

    By Fine spol. s r.o. based in Praha 6, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Computes Basic Earth Pressures Program Software Software line

  • RockWare GIS Link - Cross-Section Plugin for ArcGIS

    The RockWare GIS Link is a toolbar which installs into ArcMap. It is used to generate RockWorks cross-sections and profiles, fence diagrams, structural and surface contours, isopach contours, and striplogs using ArcMap and RockWorks. Supports ArcGIS for Desktop v 10.x and RockWorks16.

    By RockWare, Inc. based in Golden, COLORADO (USA).

  • EnviroInsite - Groundwater Data Visualization Software

    EnviroInsite is a groundwater data visualization application developed by and for practicing hydrogeologists. It is a workspace for understanding and communication of complex, spatial and temporal patterns in environmental and geologic conditions. EnviroInsite's ease of use and low cost make it the only choice for groundwater visualization on ...

    By EI LLC based in Brookline, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Version WinCan VX - Software for Inspection and Management

    The WinCan Software is a specialized application for the inspection and administration of wastewater network systems. WinCan offers different solutions starting with the collection of the inspection data to the analysis of this data and finally the integration into Geographic Information Systems (GIS). For over 22 years we have focused on ...

  • TOSTER - Version MT - Data Inversion Software

    This program is intended for MT data inversion along the profile and on the grid. The nucleus of the program is a direct one-dimensional algorithm for calculating the MT field. The parameters of inversion include entering the amplitude-phase curves for separate MT sites, their calculation errors, the geometric arrangement of sites on the profile ...

    By Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. (AGCOS) based in North York, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Land Change Modeler Software For Arcgis Software

    Land Change Modeler for ArcGIS is an innovative land planning and decision support software extension to ArcGIS. Widely used for the prioritization of conservation and planning efforts, Land Change Modeler allows you to rapidly analyze land cover change, simulate future land change scenarios, model REDD emission scenarios, and model species ...

    By Clark Labs based in Worcester, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • NextCentury - Web Interface Software

    Intuitive web interface provides the information you need at your fingertips. See a big picture view of your system health and easily drill down to view individual system components. Easily manage users, information, reports, and device status. Eliminates the hassle of installing and maintaining complicated desktop software. Easily setup and ...

    By NextCentury Submetering Systems based in FLORIDA (USA).

  • EPOCH - Ground Water Monitoring Module

    If you’re having a difficult time keeping the many thousands of groundwater monitoring records organized and easily accessible, the EPOCH Groundwater Module can be a valuable addition to your Environmental Management Program.

    By Logical Data Solutions, Inc. based in Palm Beach Gardens, FLORIDA (USA). from Ground Water Monitoring Module Software line

  • Aqua3D - Surface Water Modeling

    Are you tired of making compromises with your model conceptualisation and having to dumb down your data because your modelling software is inadequate to the task? Are you looking for a mathematically stable, truly time varying flow and contaminant transport modelling tool which will give you the freedom to model as you want and as the real world ...

    By Vatnaskil Consulting Engineers based in 108 Reykjavik, ICELAND.

  • Slide2 - 2D Limit Equilibrium Analysis for Slopes

    Slide2 is a powerful, user-friendly, 2D limit equilibrium slope stability analysis program for all types of soil and rock slopes, embankments, earth dams, and retaining walls. Slide2 includes built-in finite element groundwater seepage analysis, probabilistic analysis, multi-scenario modeling, and support design.

    By Rocscience based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from 2D Limit Equilibrium Analysis for Slopes Software line

  • UnWedge - Underground Wedge Stability Analysis

    UnWedge is a 3D stability analysis and visualization program for underground excavations in rock containing intersecting structural discontinuities. Safety factors are calculated for potentially unstable wedges and support requirements can be modeled using various types of pattern and spot bolting and shotcrete. Use UnWedge to quickly create a ...

    By Rocscience based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Underground Wedge Stability Analysis Software line

  • ProjectWise Integration Server

    ProjectWise is a scalable collaboration system for connecting people and information across the distributed enterprise. Core capabilities enable users to manage, find, and share CAD and geospatial content, project data and Office documents. It’s interesting to note that 42 of the 50 leaders in the ENR500 use ProjectWise to connect their people and ...

    By Bentley Systems Incorporated based in Exton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from ProjectWise Integration Server Software line

  • ProjectWise Lifecycle Server

    ProjectWise Lifecycle Server provides scalable, standards-based data warehouse functionality to a workgroup, project, or enterprise. At its core is a flexible storage and retrieval engine that efficiently consolidates and integrates data from external sources to create a central data store. Surrounding the core storage are modules that provide ...

    By Bentley Systems Incorporated based in Exton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from ProjectWise Lifecycle Server Software line

  • Bentley PlantFLOW

    Pipe network flow analysis using real-world 3D geometry. Bentley PlantFLOW enables users to quickly build, modify and review results of piping flow models using real-world 3D geometry that can be imported from plant design CAD systems, piping stress models, or created directly within the application. Once the system is modeled, you can ...

    By Bentley Systems Incorporated based in Exton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Bentley PlantFLOW Software line

  • Project Wise

    ProjectWise is a scalable collaboration system used by teams to manage, find, and share CAD and geospatial content, project data, and Office documents. ProjectWise is used by the global design elite with nine of the top 10 in the ENR500 using ProjectWise. The ProjectWise system includes desktop clients, and servers for connecting people and ...

    By Bentley Systems Incorporated based in Exton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Project Wise Software line

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