Soil and Groundwater Software in Latin America

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    NoiseAtWork Companion - Digitize Measurement Locations on your Tablet

    NoiseAtWork Companion is a free Android app for digitizing data points with any type of indicator directly on a digital map on your tablet or smart phone. The export of NoiseAtWork Companion can be imported directly in the NoiseAtWork software. NoiseAtWork Companion replaces the traditional paper map and clipboard.

    By DGMR Software B.V. Distributor in Ñuñoa, CHILE.

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    TechAssist - Mobile App

    Mobile devices are becoming a key component of our daily work. We get our email, message to our co-workers, maps, data lookup, etc.

    By Agilaire, LLC Distributor in Quito, ECUADOR. from Mobile App Software line

  • Version I4D - Data Management Systems Software

    I4D is a complete and innovative solution, specifically designed for geo-intelligence needs, based on Airbus Defence and Space’s 25-year-experience in intelligence, geo-information and spatial data management. I4D: Access, visualise, search, merge and analyse all kinds of GEOINT information through a virtual globe.

    By Airbus Defence and Space Office in São Paulo, BRAZIL.

  • Geosoft - Subsurface Geology for ArcGIS

    Target for ArcGIS is a geology mapping extension for Esri ArcGIS that simplifies 3D visualisation and analysis of drillhole and borehole geology data within ArcMap. Using Target for ArcGIS, you can visualise your geology data in 3D and conduct integrated analysis to enhance subsurface insight.

    By Geosoft Inc Office in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL.

  • Erosion Control (EC) Design Software

    Contact the Propex Engineering Team for expert guidance on your erosion control design project and use Propex geotextiles and erosion control materials with confidence. Product and application information. Technical bulletins. Case studies. Material specifications that facilitate competitive bidding. CAD drawings with standard details and ...

    By Propex Operating Company, LLC Office in Curitiba, BRAZIL.

  • SCWin Program Generator

    Short Cut Program Generator is a menu-driven, PC-compatible software package that simplifies the creation of datalogger programs; it creates a datalogger program in four easy steps. SCWin was originally intended to support meteorological and hydrological applications. Its initial releases supported over 120 agricultural, meterological, ...

    By Campbell Scientific, Inc. Office in São Paulo, BRAZIL.

  • Envista Air Resources Manager (Envista ARM)

    Envista ARM is a Windows Vista, client-server application for supervisory control, management and analysis of data from Environmental, Meteorological and Hydrological monitoring networks. Envista ARM allows users to view, analyze, report and distribute environmental quality data across the full range of media. Envista ARM client application runs ...

    By Envitech Europe Distributor in Cali, COLOMBIA.

  • Nimbus Portal - Retrieve Relevant Information Software

    Retrieve relevant information anywhere and anytime with the Nimbus Portal. The web-based solution allows you to access information and reports from the Powel time series database when you are on the move, using your tablet. Powel Nimbus Portal is the tool to make time series access more efficient. Using Windows accounts, users have access to ...

    By Powel AS Office in Las Condes, CHILE.

  • Spard - Trouble Call System (TCS)

    SPARD TCS is a Trouble Call System which manages calls referring to electric supply outages. Includes a digital telephony application SPARD® IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and an Automated Contact Center Communications Server.

    By Energy Computer Systems Ltd (ECS) based in BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA.

  • SpectraPave - Version 4 - Mobile App Software

    The SpectraPave4 Mobile App combines the capabilities of SpectraPave4 Software, the most powerful technology available for analyzing the use of geogrids in roadway design applications, with unmatched convenience and portability. It incorporates the unpaved haul road design methodology developed by Dr. J.P. Giroud and Dr. Jie Han, calibrated and ...

    By Tensar International Corporation. Distributor in LATIN AMERICA.

  • Jagwire - Web-Based Geospatial Data Management Software

    Scalable and web-based, Jagwire software helps quickly discover data, transform it into information, and put it into the hands of the people that need it most – regardless of location.

    By Harris Corporation Office in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL. from Web-Based Geospatial Data Management Software Software line

  • Kartotrak - Contamination Characterization Software

    KARTOTRAK is the first integrated software solution for contaminated sites characterization. It has been designed for all those who need to locate and estimate contaminated soil volumes confidently.

    By Geovariances Office in Funcionários, BRAZIL.

  • Geosoft - Interactive Modelling of Gravity and Magnetics

    GM-SYS Profile Modelling is an intuitive and feature-rich workflow for gravity modelling which provides many opportunities to constrain modelling variables. It enables you to test geologic model accuracy by comparing the model's gravity and magnetic response to observed measurements.

    By Geosoft Inc Office in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL.

  • Geosoft - Version DAP Server - Exploration Data Distribution and Discovery

    Geosoft DAP is server technology for publishing, distributing and discovering exploration data. With DAP, data is secure, organised, easily accessed and shared amongst all the people that need exploration data to make decisions.

    By Geosoft Inc Office in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL.

  • Spard - Geographic Information System (GIS)

    SPARD® DISTRIBUTION is a specialized GIS (Geographic Information System) for analysis, optimization and management of electric distribution networks.

    By Energy Computer Systems Ltd (ECS) based in BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA.

  • Geosoft - Geochemical Analysis for Esri ArcGIS

    Geochemistry for ArcGIS enables explorers to analyse geochemical data within their Esri ArcGIS environment. Using Geochemistry for ArcGIS, geoscientists can effectively examine multivariate relationships, uncover underlying structures and present results with visually impactful maps.

    By Geosoft Inc Office in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL.

  • Geospatial Marketplace Software

    The Harris Geospatial Marketplace is the definitive geospatial product and services online marketplace that gives you access to the world’s data.Advanced Software Solutions to Analyze Virtually any Geospatial Data Type. Whether you need data, analysis tools, or a finished product, the Harris Geospatial Marketplace is your one-stop shop. ...

    By Harris Corporation Office in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL. from Geospatial Marketplace Software Software line

  • IVU.plan - Optimal Deployment Plans for Vehicles and Staff

    IVU.plan manages the route network and develops the timetable service, from strategic planning through to changes made at short notice. IVU.plan uses intelligent algorithms to enhance vehicle circulation, services, roster layouts and vehicle workings – also integrated in a single step on request. Fully automated variant calculation, ...

    By IVU Traffic Technologies AG Office in Providencia, CHILE. from Optimal Deployment Plans for Vehicles and Staff Software line

  • Q3DRM - Version 1.0 - CFD Software for Quasi 3D Refinedly Modeling

    A versatile quasi 3D (2.5D) modeling software, closed by three selectable depth-integrated two-equation closure turbulence models, which solve complete and non-simplified fundamental governing equations (i.e., shallow water equations), in association with passive mass transport equations (1 temperature eq. + 2 concentration component eqs.) and two ...

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