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Soil and Groundwater Software

  • Geogiga Surface - Version 8.1 - Surface Wave 3D Mapping Software

    SURFACE3D loads dispersion curves generated from SURFACE or SURFACE PLUS and then plots the velocity volume as a cube or fence in 3D surface wave surveys.

    By Geogiga Technology Corp. based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Surface Wave 3D Mapping Software Software line

  • AgroVIR - Geoinformatics Software

    Geoinformatics are identified with maps: you can see your lands on the map, or even the machines working on them. With the AgroVIR system there’s a bit more – imagine data and its correlation for a certain field on the map.

    By AgroVIR Ltd. based in HUNGARY.

  • OS MasterMap - Topography Layer Software

    OS MasterMap Topography Layer is the most detailed and accurate view of Great Britain's landscape – from roads to fields, to buildings and trees, fences, paths and more. MasterMap is the most comprehensive mapping product available from Ordnance Survey. Comprised of a number of layers, each of which provide different, relevant geographic ...

    By Bluesky International Ltd. based in Ashby-De-La-Zouch, UNITED KINGDOM. from Topography Layer Software Software line

  • CPT-pro - Version 5.31 - Analysis, Interpretation and Presentation of CPT Soundings

    CPT-pro is a multi-module software program designed for the complex analysis, interpretation and presentation of CPT (Cone Penetration Testing) soundings.

    By GeoMEM Ltd. based in Dundee, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • STAR-Cast

    STAR-CCM+ brings its simulation excellence to the Industrial Casting Industry. STAR-Cast is an add-on module for STAR-CCM+ developed in conjunction with Access e.v., leveraging CD-adapco’s expertise in flow simulation and Access’ knowledge of casting. Integrating industry leading CFD technology with the specific models required by the ...

    By Siemens AG based in Munich, GERMANY.

  • pKalc

    CompuDrug's pKalc calculates the accurate acidic and basic pKa values (negative logarithms of acid-base ionization constants) for organic compounds, in most cases, within an error of 0.25 pKa units. The calculation can be performed for any organic compound, including aromatics, mono and polyheteroaromatics, and small peptides. The applied ...

    By chemcad based in Saint MALO, FRANCE. from pKalc Software line

  • SpectraPave - Version 4 - Mobile App Software

    The SpectraPave4 Mobile App combines the capabilities of SpectraPave4 Software, the most powerful technology available for analyzing the use of geogrids in roadway design applications, with unmatched convenience and portability. It incorporates the unpaved haul road design methodology developed by Dr. J.P. Giroud and Dr. Jie Han, calibrated and ...

    By Tensar International Corporation. based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Version GEO5 - GEO5 Geotechnical Software Suite

    The GEO5 software suite is designed to solve various geotechnical problems. The easy-to-control package consists of individual programs with a unified user-friendly interface. Each program is used to analyze a different geotechnical task, however the modules communicate with each other to form an integrated suite.

    By Fine spol. s r.o. based in Praha 6, CZECH REPUBLIC. from GEO5 Geotechnical Software Suite Software line

  • Macstars

    To carry out the stability analysis of Terramesh® reinforced soils, this software allows the user to verify a wide range of load conditions and soil geometries according to the most common and frequent situations which take place in the slope stability analysis. This software allows checking of one or more Terramesh® structures located along the ...

    By Officine Maccaferri S.p.A. based in Zola Predosa (Bologna), ITALY.

  • Trafficworx - Roadwork Coordination & Management Software

    Trafficworx is a software solution for planning and co-ordinating road (street) works used by highways authorities and related stakeholders (utility companies, contractors, emergency services, etc). It is typically delivered as a web service that links the Highways Authority with all those parties that may have reason to undertake road excavations ...

    By Integrated Skills Limited (ISL) based in Romsey, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Solutions Now - GPS Asset Tracking and Data Integration Software

    Solutions Now GPS Assest Tracking allows users to efficiently manage and track valuable assets as well as exception based events associated with each asset. Users have the ability to pinpoint assets globally, view previous locations/paths traveled, and receive messages when particular events occur in real time with an easy-to-use cloud-based tool. ...

    By Solutions Now based in Katy, TEXAS (USA).

  • isoTracker - Complaints Management Software

    The isoTracker Complaints Management module provides a comprehensive system for recording, assigning, investigating complaints and then resolving them through the build-in CAPA features where non-conformances and root causes can be recorded and then resolved using the Corrective Action resolution features.

    By Lennox Hill Ltd based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • 3D Building Models

    Bluesky have direct access to the largest collection of high resolution stereo aerial photography in the UK, and we are therefore ideally placed to provide cost effective, accurate and detailed 3D models of the urban environment, using advanced photogrammetric techniques. Bluesky 3D building models provide a detailed visual representation of the ...

    By Bluesky International Ltd. based in Ashby-De-La-Zouch, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • GIS - Field Assets Tool - Mobile Devices

    The Field Assets ToolTM  is a mobile based application that collects asset data and exports SQLite tables, Shape files, KML, CSV, and XML formats. The Field Assets Tool for Apple iOS smart phones has been in use for nearly 4 years. The Field Assets Tool for Android is in beta test and is being readied for release. The Field Assets Tool is ...

    By GIS\Solutions Inc. based in Grizzly Flats, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Geologix - Version WellXP - Real-Time Cloud Based Software

    WellXP provides a one-stop shop for uploading and sharing of all your electronic well assets. This cloud-based, zero footprint system can be accessed from anywhere in the world enabling you to quickly and effectively share well reports, real-time GEO logs and key real-time drilling information.

    By Geologix Limited based in Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • TerraMath - Version FaultTrace - Module of WinGeol Software Package

    Fault Trace (Tutorial), a module of WinGeol software package (Faber, 2002), has been developed for the visualization of intersections of planar structures (e.g. faults, lithological contacts or dykes) of any spatial orientation with irregular and rugged surfaces (e.g. topographies defined by digital elevation models).

    By TerraMath based in AUSTRIA.

  • Geosoft - Version CLASROCK - Program of Rock Masses

    The program classifies rock masses using both the Bieniawski and the Barton methods, making it thus possible to compare the results that can be obtained with the two most frequently used classification methods.

    By Geosoft International based in Torino, ITALY. from Program of Rock Masses Software line

  • Surface and Bubble Dynamics Code Software

    2DynaFS is a computer program for studying bubble dynamics in situations for which the assumption of axisymmetry can be made. This program can handle the dynamics of single or multiple bubbles in an infinite liquid medium, near a free surface, near a “globule” or a “cell”, near an axisymmetric rigid and responding body, ...

    By Dynaflow, Inc. based in Jessup, MARYLAND (USA).

  • LogDigi - Automated Well Log Digitizing Software

    LogDigi, LLC provides the lowest price well log digitizing, the highest quality, and the fastest well log digitizing service. LogDigi is a very strong competitor of other digitizating software companies - well log digitizing system and other digitization companies - well log digitizing services. The Lowest Price Well Log Digitizing LogDigi's well ...

    By LogDigi, LLC based in Katy, TEXAS (USA).

  • Version ECM-BASIC - Direct Communication and Detection Integrated System

    It is an integrated system of direct communication and detection of public vehicles combined with mapping areas in crisis management situations.

    By Aratos Group based in Patras, GREECE.

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