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Soil and Sediment toxicology equipment for Soil and Groundwater

  • Deep Green Dye

    DEEP GREEN is a natural dye especially used for grass lawns and every type of hydroseeding. It is used for tracing and checking the quantity of hydroseeding blend distributed.

    By Full Service Srl based in Saletto, ITALY. from Hydroseeding Product line

  • Biodegradable Packing Film

    Type:compostable film, Place of Origin:Shanghai, China, Use: Blown Film Products.

    By Shanghai Disoxidation ENterprise Development Co., based in Shanghai, CHINA. from Biodegradable Films Product line

  • Plantasorb - Absorbs

    PLANTASORB® is a product developed for overcoming the problems with drought and insufficient water supply in plant cultivaiton. It helps plants survive times of drought and improves their growth in poor conditions. When there is enough water in the soil, PLANTASORB® absorbs it and then is able to release it to plant roots when the ...

    By Symbiom, s.r.o. based in Lanškroun, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Standard Products Product line

  • NanoSystem - Model W3 - Stone Masonry Coating 100ML

    nanoSystem STONE Masonry W3 is a revolutionary water based solution designed for liquid repellent protection and waterproofing (hydrophobic) impregnation of mineral and stone surfaces. On application, the molecular structure of the substrates outer layer is modified to create an invisible deep long lasting hydrophobic barrier with breathable ...

    By The Nano Factory Ltd based in Belfast, UNITED KINGDOM. from Stone Product line

  • Daramend - Anaerobic Bioremediation Reagent

    Daramend® anaerobic bioremediation reagent represents a superior biological treatment technology for solid materials impacted by recalcitrant organic compounds. Since the first application in 1996, variations of the technology have been successfully used to treat >10,000,000 tons of soil, sediment and other solid materials.

    By PeroxyChem based in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Soil & Groundwater Remediation Product line

  • Soil Management with Agri-Remedy and Agri-Achieve

    Soil compaction is related to soil management and is a major problem facing most farmers today. Hard and compacted soil does not allow root systems to penetrate thus creating poor root development. Too many chemicals and fertilizer combination have killed the necessary organisms resulting in the formation of the hard, compacted soil layer.

    By B & S Research, Inc. based in Embarrass, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Model 1700 - Dailbiotech1700

    Efficient biodegradation of Petroleum-Tar Acids containing complex recalcitrant toxic chemicals which contaminate soil and water (ground and sea water). Patent registered at Korea (6.2006) and PCT International Publication for Patent (WIPO, 10.2005)

    By Dailbiotech Corporation based in Chuncheon, SOUTH KOREA.

  • Eurofins - Model O-15 - Field Sampling Equipment

    For sites requiring conventional summa canister samples for soil gas collection, Eurofins Air Toxics can provide additional sampling equipment to assist with purging lines prior to collection, conducting leak checks on the train, monitoring vacuum at the extraction probe and performing an equipment train blank. Equipment available from the lab ...

    By Eurofins Air Toxics Inc based in Folsom, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Soil Gas Product line

  • EarthZyme - Soil Stabilization

    EarthZyme is a long term soil stabilization solution that is environmentally-friendly and non-toxic to roadside vegetation. When used on unpaved roads, EarthZyme’s unique formula results in an increased and lasting compaction of clay-based soils that can substantially decrease road maintenance costs. Treated soils exhibit excellent ...

    By Cypher Environmental Ltd. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from EarthZyme Product line

  • Microbiotests - Model OSTRACODTOXKIT F - Chronic Direct Contact Sediment Toxicity Test Kit

    The chronic direct contact sediment toxicity test is applicable for toxicity screening of contaminated river sediments, soils and solid wastes. Ostracodtoxkit F contains all materials to perform three to five 6-day mortality and growth inhibition tests with the benthic freshwater ostracod Heterocypris incongruens. This sediment-contact bioassay is ...

    By Microbiotests Inc. based in Gent, BELGIUM. from Toxkits Equipment Product line

  • KAM - Model ADHEREX 120 - Dust Control System

    ADHEREX 120 is an effective biochemical formulated by KAM Biotechnology Ltd. to control dust and wind erosion. ADHEREX 120 provides a modern method for erosion control through proper soil conditioning. ADHEREX 120 is a green, efficient and economical product. ADHEREX 120 contains a proprietary soil conditioner and plant hormones to promote the ...

    By KAM Biotechnology Ltd. based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Dust Control Product line

  • Organic Calcium For Correction of Acid Soils

    Correction of acid soils; The Organic Calcium is the solution for the correction of acid soils (ph < 7), rich in sodium, subject to calcification and with a high level of salinity. Thanks to its organic component, the product is not subject to washout.

    By Full Service Srl based in Saletto, ITALY. from Hydroseeding Product line

  • AgCarb - Agricultural Grade Powdered Activated Carbon

    AgCarb is a reliable powdered activated carbon (PAC) produced by steam activation of reclaimed wood under controlled conditions.

    By Standard Purification based in Dunnellon, FLORIDA (USA). from Drinking Water Treatment Solutions Product line

  • Spetec - Model AP 200 - Ultra Low Viscosity Acrylic Injection Resin Soilgel

    Ultra low viscosity acrylic injection resin mainly applied for soil conditioning and screen injections. AP SOILGEL 200 is a resin, based on Acrylic monomers. After injection, the resin gels in a few seconds to a few minutes based on the amount of activator/initiator added just before use. The final injected product is a soft and slightly sticky ...

    By Spetec Europe based in Wommelgem (Antwerp), BELGIUM. from Geotech Solutions Product line

  • Model 5124-85-2 - Polycarboxylate Dispersing Agent

    This is a universal EW SC polycarboxylate Dispersing Agent. It is composed of strong hydrophobic skeleton of the long chain and hydrophilic anionic groups formed by grafting copolymer structure with the characteristics of the polymer compounds. Effectively prevent the agglomeration and sedimentation between particles,reduce the viscosity, so that ...

    By Jiangxi Tiansheng New Materials Co.,Ltd based in QingYuan District, JI`AN City, CHINA. from Dispersing Agent Product line

  • Phosphates

    Carus Corporation has a long history of developing and providing phosphate products for sequestration and corrosion control. Our CRT customers routinely utilize phosphate products for well rehabilitation (iron sequestration) and pH buffering. Some of the more common products that we recommend for these applications include:  CARUS 8100 water ...

    By Carus Corporation based in Peru, ILLINOIS (USA). from Remediation Products Product line

  • Sporicidin - Model ENZ - Enzyme Cleaner Concentrate

    Sporicidin® Enzyme Cleaner Concentrate is a proprietary enzyme blend that delivers excellent cleaning results by harnessing the power of plant enzyme extracts to tackle even the toughest soiling and contamination.  This proprietary enzyme formula contains protease to digest and break down proteins, such as blood and other bodily fluids; ...

    By Contec Professional, Inc. based in Spartanburg, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Biohazard and Forensic Restoration Product line

  • Envirotech - Model EAA - Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Our world is facing interrelated issues in the ecological and agricultural area! Issues concerning the environment or ecology include the decrease in biodiversity and increase in environmental pollution and weather changes (flood disasters, strong wind, heavy rains) and all this make eco systems less stable. All issues concerning agriculture or ...

    By Environment Commerce CZ s.r.o. based in Praha 6, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • Aboatox - Genotoxicity Test Kits

    A microplate genotoxicity bioassay based on the primary response of a genetically engineered bacteria to determine DNA genotoxicity damage.  The SOS-ChromoTestTM Kit can be used to evaluate the presence of genotoxic agents in water, wastewater, sediment, air, chemicals, food, cosmetics, and  for any material that can be put ...

    By Aboatox Oy based in MASKU, FINLAND. from Enviromental Analysis Products Product line

  • Soil-Sement - Soil Stabilizer

    Scientifically formulated to achieve maximum soil stabilization. Soil-Sement is an environmentally safe, powerful polymer emulsion that produces highly effective control of dust and erosion. Soil-Sement provides superior bonding, cohesion, versatility, cost-effectiveness, superior overall performance and environmental compliance.

    By Erosion Control Forum based in Bend, OREGON (USA). from Soil Stabilization Product line

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