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  • Soil Mixing- Case Study

    Soil Mixing- Case Study

    ERC was hired as the General Contractor for this project to treat organic contaminants found in the soil via in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO).  To achieve this ERC excavated and stockpiled 2’ of overburden soils from the treatment area then utilized a 336sized excavator with a mounted transverse mixing head attachment to perform in-situ soil mixing on an approximately 9,943 square ...

  • Current Project #4 - Case Study

    Current Project #4 - Case Study

    Location/Year: South Carolina/2019 Treatment: Bio Remediation, metals fixation Volume of soil: 10k yd3 Contamination type(s): BTEX, Diesel Fuel, O & G, asbestos, mixed metals Average level of ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Soil Phosphate Test Kit

    Soil Phosphate Test Kit

    Measure Bioavailable Phosphate On-Site. These kits require the use of NECi’s Handheld Photometer, results are not colorimetric. Quick and Reliable Results, Easy to Use, Environmentally Benign. This reagent refill test kit will measure 0 ppm - 20 ppm Phosphate in soil and sediment samples to be analyzed with our handheld photometer.  If you do not yet have a handheld photometer, please ...

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  • LRFD for Geotechnical Engineering Features

    LRFD for Geotechnical Engineering Features

    This webinar concentrates on ground anchors and ground anchor cut walls (top down construction). Ground anchors have a wide range of applications and encompass a diverse range of wall families including sheet pile, post and panel, H-pile and lagging, slurry and soil mix. These walls resist lateral earth and water pressures through their structural stiffness and anchorages (ground anchors). The ...