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tomography (Subsurface Monitoring) equipment

  • Model ERT - SwitchBox COMMDD

    Nowadays the electrical tomography method is very popular and much used for geotechnical prospecting. And it is necessary to use special state-of-the-art instrumentation. In generally cases, due to high price and limited range of current geological objectives, purchase of multichannel systems is unwarrantable.

    By Zond Software based in Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA.

  • Flow Itometer

    Having been developed through decades of experience with industrial flow applications, the FLOW-ITOMETER provides visual and quantitative information on pipeline contents live and in real time. A highly versatile tomography package, the FLOW-ITOMETER can be applied in scales from millimetres to metres, making it both a powerful research tool ...

    By Industrial Tomography Systems (ITS) based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Mix Itometer System

    ITS has developed the MIX-ITOMETER based on years of experience in delivering tomography solutions to mixing problems.

    By Industrial Tomography Systems (ITS) based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model MPT-EIT2000 Series - Electrical Impedance Tomography System

    The EIT2000 Series system is designed for long-term monitoring of subsurface processes. The system is able to make  threedimensional subsurface images using electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) or electrical impedance tomography (EIT). ERT/EIT is a proven technology for monitoring fluid infiltration and enhanced remediation technologies ...

    By Multi-Phase Technologies, LLC. (MPT) based in Sparks, NEVADA (USA).

  • Geode - Solid Streamer

    The Geode is the most versatile and flexible seismograph available today.  Small and lightweight enough to throw in your suitcase. Expands instantly for full scale 2-D and 3-D surveys at a cost your accountant will love. And when you are not using the Geode for marine or land reflection, refraction, downhole or tomography surveys, use it for ...

    By Geometrics, Inc. based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Solid Streamer Product line

  • Model OMEGA-48 - Resistivity System

    OMEGA-48 is a multichannel Resistivity system designed for vertical electrical sounding (VES) and induced polarization (IP) methods on electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) technology.

    By Geotech-Logis Group of Companies based in Moscow, RUSSIA. from Resistivity System Product line

  • Model P2+ - High Precision Electrical Resistance Tomography Instrument

    The p2+ is a high precision electrical resistance tomography instrument. Supplied to customers all round the world (with installations at NASA to subsea operation and customers in each major continent), it has been designed and developed by ITS based on expertise in process tomography and improved over the years in performance and functionality ...

    By Industrial Tomography Systems (ITS) based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • ISOVOLT - Model Lynx 160 / 320 - X-ray Generator

    ISOVOLT Lynx represents a major advance in X-ray generator technology, incorporating the latest electronics and digital concepts to allow greater performance and reliability.It has been designed to align with the optimized performance of other components in the X-ray inspection imaging chain for a wide range of applications including the ...

    By GE Measurement & Control Solutions based in Billerica, BELGIUM. from X-ray Generator Product line

  • PowerSting Transmitter Node

    AGI’s PowerSting Transmitter Nodes make it possible to automatically inject a high-power direct current (DC) into the ground along a survey line for high-powered induced polarization (IP) and resistivity tomography. With the 56-node system, you can reach depths of 1,000 meters. The PowerSting Transmitter Nodes are fast and affordable to ...

    By Advanced Geosciences, Inc. based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • DENS - Electrical Conductivity Densitometer (ECD)

    The DENS-ITOMETER is an electrical conductivity densitometer (ECD) that has earned the name “Gamma Buster” among customers as it is able to replace nuclear based gamma densitometers. Based on electrical resistance tomography, this new measurement system can take data independent of flow regime and also concentration of measure ...

    By Industrial Tomography Systems (ITS) based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model THM 1176 - Magnetic Field Meter

    Magnetic field meter for fields from 0 Hz (DC) to 1 kHz. Non-directional measurement with isotropic (3 axis) Hall probe . Heavy duty (3 Tesla) and highly sensitive (8 mT) field probes . Small dimension sensors and USB interface for precision measurements in large field gradients.The isotropic sensor measures the magnetic field strength (flux ...

    By Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH based in Pfullingen, GERMANY. from Magnetic Field Meter Product line

  • microPREP™ - Model 2.0 - High-Throughput Laser Based Microdiagnostics Sample Preparation

    microPREP™ 2.0 enables high-volume sample preparation of metals, semiconductors, ceramics, and compound materials for microstructure diagnostics and failure analysis. The system can be used for a variety of semiconductor sample preparation applications, including in-plane geometries and bulk samples, cross-sections, box milling for ...

    By 3D-Micromac AG based in Chemnitz, GERMANY.

  • Model MPT DAS-1 - Electrical Impedance Tomography System

    The MPT DAS-1 Electrical Impedance Tomography System is an integrated induced polarization (IP) system, with 8 channels, each channel containing a 24-bit A to D converter and microprocessor for improved dynamic range. It is capable of collecting 3-D subsurface images using Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) or Electrical Impedance Tomography ...

    By Multi-Phase Technologies, LLC. (MPT) based in Sparks, NEVADA (USA).

  • PPO - Optical Coherence Tomography Spectrometer (OCT)

    The PPO Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) spectrometer allows you to obtain world-class OCT image quality without the setup costs, time-consuming adjustments and stability issues associated with an in-lab built spectrometer. You decide which light source and camera to use and we will ensure you get the highest performance customized ...

    By P&P Optica Inc. based in Waterloo, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Optical Coherence Tomography Spectrometer (OCT) Product line

  • MAE - Model TOMOKIT - Seismic Tomography Kit

    Kit for non-destructive structural investigations with seismic tomography for verification of quality preservation status of construction materials, ideal for: beams (wooden also), masonry walls, columns in stone material, masonry works with poor degree of material homogeneity, works of historical and cultural interest. This survey method is used ...

    By M.A.E. Advanced Geophysics Instruments based in Frosolone (IS), ITALY. from Seismic Tomography Kit Product line

  • Cyclotron - Emission Tomography (PET) Molecular Imaging System

    12 MeV energy, a beam current of 100 µA used to manufacture tracers used for PET molecular imaging. The cyclotron ISOTRACE of 12Mev with a beam current of 80 µA, is part of a technological solution developed and distributed by PMB, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) molecular imaging.

    By Alcen based in Paris, FRANCE. from Emission Tomography (PET) Molecular Imaging System Product line

  • Model ECU902 - Survey Wheel Counter Display

    The ECU902 is a display unit for quadrature survey wheel encoders with no index output. This unit in particular is very useful for assessing the cable length in applications such as borehole antennas surveys. Connected to the encoder of the tripod prove to be extremely useful in tomography surveys. The unit is absolutely transparent to the ...

    By Geoscanners AB based in Boden, SWEDEN. from Survey Wheel Counter Display Product line

  • Benchtop MRI - Compact Tomography System

    This compact tomography system incorporates a modern Halbach magnet design to provide a very uniform field over a sample diameter of 40 mm.

    By Magritek based in Wellington, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Model MIRA-35 - Doppler Scanning Cloud Radar

    The pulsed Ka-band cloud radar MIRA-35 (formely named MIRA-36) is unique in performance and durability and delivers a calibrated Doppler spectrum of cloud droplets in up to 1024 height steps for a vertical range between 0.2 km … 15 km at a time resolution of 10 s. The wide dynamic range and the very high system sensitivity allow a ...

    By METEK Meteorologische Messtechnik GmbH based in Elmshorn, GERMANY. from Doppler Scanning Cloud Radar Product line

  • Industrial CT Scanning Technology

    This technology is new to the metrology field and Exact Metrology is at the forefront of the movement. Industrial CT Scanners allow the inspection of  parts' interiors without any harm or destruction to the parts themselves. No other technology in the world has this type of capability. CT stands for Computed Tomography and the CT scanning of ...

    By Exact Metrology based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA). from Industrial CT Scanning Technology Product line

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