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Tomography (Subsurface Monitoring) equipment

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    MAE - Model TOMOKIT - Seismic Tomography Kit

    Kit for non-destructive structural investigations with seismic tomography for verification of quality preservation status of construction materials, ideal for: beams (wooden also), masonry walls, columns in stone material, masonry works with poor degree of material homogeneity, works of historical and cultural interest. This survey method is used ...

    By M.A.E. Advanced Geophysics Instruments based in Frosolone (IS), ITALY. from Seismics - Active Seismic Product line

  • Tornado Spectral OCTANE - Model 860 - Optics Spectrometer

    Tornado's OCTANE program is developing spectrometers-on-chip using integrated optics design and fabrication techniques instead of conventional lenses, mirrors, and gratings. Chip-based spectrometers have many advantages including smaller size, lower cost, and improved robustness, plus the use of integrated optics allows for unique 'tricks' to ...

    By Tornado Spectral Systems based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Optical Coherence Tomography Solutions Product line

  • Black Piranha - Easy & Fast X-ray Quality Control Device

    The Black Piranha with accessories makes X-ray QA easy and fast. Connection is automatic – just plug n play. The Quick Check feature identifies the probes you insert and selects the optimum Piranha settings for your measurements – sit back and let the Piranha do the work!

    By RTI Electronics AB based in Mölndal, SWEDEN. from Diagnostics- Computed Tomography Product line

  • Cobia Flex - X-ray Quality Control Instrument

    Cobia Flex offers you all possibilities with an ease of use to make your X-ray Quality Control as quick and accurate as possible. It’s just as easy as a Cobia Smart but with more possibilities. The Cobia Flex has an internal detector, offers the possibility to connect different probes, ion chambers and has buil-in mAs. The measured values ...

    By RTI Electronics AB based in Mölndal, SWEDEN. from Diagnostics- Computed Tomography Product line

  • Tornado Spectral OCT-Prime - Durable Spectrometer

    OCT-Prime is a high-performance, compact, and durable spectrometer designed for a wide range of SD-OCT measurement applications. OCT-Prime is well-suited for both OEM integration and stand-alone use, and comes with software drivers for easy USB3 system interfacing. Several different models are available to match with a variety of ...

    By Tornado Spectral Systems based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Optical Coherence Tomography Solutions Product line

  • Benchtop MRI - Compact Tomography System

    This compact tomography system incorporates a modern Halbach magnet design to provide a very uniform field over a sample diameter of 40 mm.

    By Magritek based in Wellington, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Model MPT-EIT2000 Series - Electrical Impedance Tomography System

    The EIT2000 Series system is designed for long-term monitoring of subsurface processes. The system is able to make  threedimensional subsurface images using electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) or electrical impedance tomography (EIT). ERT/EIT is a proven technology for monitoring fluid infiltration and enhanced remediation technologies ...

    By Multi-Phase Technologies, LLC. (MPT) based in Sparks, NEVADA (USA).

  • Model MPT DAS-1 - Electrical Impedance Tomography System

    The MPT DAS-1 Electrical Impedance Tomography System is an integrated induced polarization (IP) system, with 8 channels, each channel containing a 24-bit A to D converter and microprocessor for improved dynamic range. It is capable of collecting 3-D subsurface images using Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) or Electrical Impedance Tomography ...

    By Multi-Phase Technologies, LLC. (MPT) based in Sparks, NEVADA (USA).

  • Teledyne - Swept Frequency Source For Acoustic Tomography

    New acoustic projector design capable of swept-frequency output under digital control. Available as an integrated package including projector, signal generator, amplifier, microprocessor controller, and batteries. Available as a transceiver modification, which integrated with 4-channel acoustic STAR receiver (SCRIPPS), included a hybrid Rubidium ...

    By Teledyne Webb Research (TWR) based in North Falmouth, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • ELECTRA - Device for 2D and 3D Electrical Tomography

    Electra is the new device for 2D and 3D electrical tomography that exploits 30 years of Micromed know-how in the measurement of spontaneous and induced potential in neurophysiology and brings it to Earth science. Electra shares the same concept of SoilSpy Rosina and is therefore a unique instrument. Signal amplification and digitization is ...

    By MoHo - Science & Technology based in Marghera - Venezia , ITALY. from Geoelectrics Product line

  • P&P Optica - Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Spectrometer

    The PPO Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) spectrometer allows you to obtain world-class OCT image quality without the setup costs, time-consuming adjustments and stability issues associated with an in-lab built spectrometer. You decide which light source and camera to use and we will ensure you get the highest performance customized ...

    By P&P Optica Inc. based in Waterloo, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Cyclotron - Emission Tomography (PET) Molecular Imaging System

    12 MeV energy, a beam current of 100 µA used to manufacture tracers used for PET molecular imaging. The cyclotron ISOTRACE of 12Mev with a beam current of 80 µA, is part of a technological solution developed and distributed by PMB, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) molecular imaging.

    By Alcen based in Paris, FRANCE. from Energies Product line

  • Gold Nanohelices (L/R) - Chirality Tomography Markers

    The Gold Nanohelices (L,R) are chiral nanoscale markers especially suited for 3D Tomography / Electron Microscopy (EM) / CryoEM. Our chiral markers show pure chirality (L or R), which can easily be detected with EM due to the high contrast and the precise arrangement of the gold nanoparticles.

    By GATTAquant GmbH based in Hiltpoltstein, GERMANY.

  • Model P2+ - High Precision Electrical Resistance Tomography Instrument

    The p2+ is a high precision electrical resistance tomography instrument. Supplied to customers all round the world (with installations at NASA to subsea operation and customers in each major continent), it has been designed and developed by ITS based on expertise in process tomography and improved over the years in performance and functionality ...

    By Industrial Tomography Systems (ITS) based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Mix Itometer System

    ITS has developed the MIX-ITOMETER based on years of experience in delivering tomography solutions to mixing problems.

    By Industrial Tomography Systems (ITS) based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model ERT - SwitchBox COMMDD

    Nowadays the electrical tomography method is very popular and much used for geotechnical prospecting. And it is necessary to use special state-of-the-art instrumentation. In generally cases, due to high price and limited range of current geological objectives, purchase of multichannel systems is unwarrantable.

    By Zond Software based in Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA.

  • SETXvue - Model XP300 - X-Ray systems for spray

    Characterization of GDI injectors in the near injector region using conventional optical techniques is difficult due to the high levels of obscuration present in these sprays. With the SETXvue and the SETscan optical patternator characterization of dense sprays using combined X-Ray and laser extinction tomography is possible. One of the ...

    By En`Urga Inc based in Indiana, INDIANA (USA).

  • Flow Itometer

    Having been developed through decades of experience with industrial flow applications, the FLOW-ITOMETER provides visual and quantitative information on pipeline contents live and in real time. A highly versatile tomography package, the FLOW-ITOMETER can be applied in scales from millimetres to metres, making it both a powerful research tool ...

    By Industrial Tomography Systems (ITS) based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • MPPC (Silicon Photomultipliers)

    The MPPC (Multi-Pixel Photon Counter) is a new type of photon-counting device made up of multiple APD (avalanche photodiode) pixels operated in Geiger mode. The sum of the output from each APD pixel forms the MPPC output. This allows the counting of single photons or the detection of pulses of multiple photons. The MPPC is used in diverse ...

    By Hamamatsu Photonics based in Shizuoka, CHINA.

  • Model ECU902 - Survey Wheel Counter Display

    The ECU902 is a display unit for quadrature survey wheel encoders with no index output. This unit in particular is very useful for assessing the cable length in applications such as borehole antennas surveys. Connected to the encoder of the tripod prove to be extremely useful in tomography surveys. The unit is absolutely transparent to the ...

    By Geoscanners AB based in Boden, SWEDEN. from Triggering Devices Product line

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