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  • Our high performance stand-alone
    Showcase Product

    Our high performance stand-alone "pull in"liner.

    By Amex Sanivar

    SaniTube® is for trenchless rehabilitation of fresh water pipelines of all common types of pipes (including cast-iron, ductile iron, steel, PVC and asbestos-cement pipes) from DN25 to DN400. Available with polyethylene ...

  • Connection Pipelines
    Showcase Product

    Connection Pipelines

    By KARL WEISS Technologies GmbH

    This technology is used for the trenchless, same-channel replacement and new installation of steel, grey cast iron or ductile cast iron gas and water connection pipelines. All available diameters can be replaced using ...

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    NODIG Market News, Trenchless Resource Center and Nodig-Equipment.

  • NASSCO, Inc.

    NASSCO, Inc.

    NASSCO was formed in 1976 with one goal in mind: To improve the success rate of everyone involved in the pipeline rehabilitation industry through ...

  • French Society for Trenchless Technology (FSTT)

    French Society for Trenchless Technology (FSTT) is the French professional association for the promotion and development of the regular use of ...

  • Amex Sanivar

    Amex Sanivar

    Amex Sanivar is specialised in the trenchless rehabilitation of pipelines of all kinds. With offices and manufacturing plants in Germany and ...

  • Frisch & Faust Tiefbau GmbH

    Frisch & Faust Tiefbau GmbH

    Our qualified and experienced employees have successfully completed several thousand projects in Germany over the past years. As a result, we have ...