Water Wells equipment for Soil and Groundwater available in Slovakia

  • MicroVap - Model 96 - Single Plate Evaporator

    MicroVaps concentrate samples in 96-Well plates. 1 or 3 Plates - Standard or Deep Well. Use nitrogen or air as evaporative agent. etering valve, controls gas flow, prevents splashing. Gas injectors located at each position. Digital temperature control assures uniformity across the plate. The 3-Plate unit has gas/heat timed control system for ...

    By Thomson Instrument Company based in Clear Brook, VIRGINIA (USA). from Sample Preparation - Analytical Evaporators Product line

  • Model TL1-W - Digital Portable Stem Laboratory Thermometer

    The TL1-W is an intrinsically safe digital laboratory thermometer designed for use in hazardous locations. The TL1-W is an improved version of the original ThermoProbe model TL1. The TL1-W is intended to be used anywhere a precision glass stem thermometer or other type thermometer is used. The TL1-W incorporates glass thermometer simplicity and ...

    By ThermoProbe, Inc based in Pearl, MISSISSIPPI (USA).

  • Free-Product Skimming

    SSI’s SKIMPAC is a self-contained, stand-alone product recovery system which can be installed in any monitoring or recovery wellNo Power, No Air, No Permits, No Trenching! The SKIMPAC solar skimmer is an ideal application for remote locations as well as sites that require immediate response.SKIMPAC Facts• High performance product recovery system ...

    By Specialty Systems Integrators, Inc. based in Plymouth, MINNESOTA (USA). from New Remediation Equipment Product line

  • DeepRock - Model DR30A - Commercial Auger Rigs

    The DR 30A is an auger-only version of the DR30.  Available with gas or diesel engines, it uses both solid or 2- 1/3' ID hollow stem augers.  The DR 30A is ideal for small diameter, shallow monitoring wells or soil sampling.  It comes with a 5' stroke, 18HP gasoline engine standard and a dual hydraulic pump.

    By DeepRock Manufacturing Co. based in Marquez, ALABAMA (USA). from Commercial Auger Rigs Product line

  • Weather Stations

    Design, implementation and operation from a single source. We design, install and operate weather stations with components customised for your specific implementation. This ensures that all relevant parameters are measured and only the best suited sensor technology is used. We operate permanent monitoring networks as well as temporary individual ...

    By Meteotest based in Bern, SWITZERLAND. from Measurements Product line

  • Emaco - Model NFPA20 - Standard Fire Pump Set

    EMACO has been providing large amount of fie fihting packages in recent decades driven by years of global experiences in producing quality pumps, valves, and related systems for energy, oil and gas, mining, water and sewage, as well as building services and industrial sectors. EMACO Fire Fighting. Pumps are specifially designed to meet the NFPA 20 ...

    By Emaco Global LLC. based in Chino, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Pump Sets Product line

  • Aqua Tender - Model A-20 - Trailer Systems

    The Aqua Tender™ A-20, AC / Generator or Grid Powered Mobile Water Treatment System (Trailer Mounted) is a fresh water purification system that purifies and disinfects the water by pulling the water from an most any un-treated, fresh water sources such as rivers, lakes, wells, water tanks and most other fresh sources using its own water ...

    By Aqua Sun International based in Minden, NEVADA (USA). from Aqua Tender - Trailer Systems Product line

  • AirCon - Model 2 - Air Sampling Pump for Area Sampling Applications

    A powerful 2-30 LPM constant flow sampler offering full portability and programmability

    By Sensidyne Industrial Health and Safety based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Air Sampling Pumps Product line

  • Warman - Model 1000 Series - Horizontal End Suction Centrifugal Pump

    The Warman Series 1000 pump (marketed as Galigher 1000 in the USA) is a long proven horizontal end suction centrifugal pump that will reliably and economically handle abrasive and corrosive medium duty services. The Warman Series 1000 pump is a long proven horizontal end suction centrifugal pump that will reliably and economically handle abrasive ...

    By The Weir Group PLC based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM. from Other Pumps Product line

  • GARDENJET - Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps

    Portable self-priming centrifugal electropump forgardening, vegetable gardens, washing and hobbies.Equipped with a handle for easy transport and 2-metrepower cable type H07 RN-F complete with plug andswitch. Compact and easy to install, self-priming so that itcan take up water from tanks, wells or streams, toleratingair bubbles and water with ...

    By Dab Pumps based in Mestrino (PD), ITALY. from Multistage Self-Priming and Centrifugal Pumps Product line

  • Hertell - Model H-1000 - Centrifugal Water Pump

    Centrifugal water pump to be driven by the PTO of the tractor Used for irrigations with high flow need, extraction of light slurries, cleaning of wells, racking of sewage water, etc...

    By Hertell S.Coop. based in IKAZTEGIETA, SPAIN. from Water Pump Product line

  • Tibban - Model 118 - Centrifugal Pump

    Concentric housing design is avaliable in right hand or left hand operation. It reduces turbulence within the pump to minimize cavitation, shaft deflection, and excessive wear. The semi open impeller is designed to handle water or heavy slurries with equal efficiency. Replaceable wear plates protects the pedastal from wear and corrosion caused by ...

    By MudPuppy based in Victorville, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Centrifugal Pumps Product line

  • DTH Bore Well Drilling Rig

    Power supply is 122HP diesel engine, with large power, support stable working. Mounted on crawler base, support by four high hydraulic legs, very convenient to work in  rugged and slope areas. It uses air compressor feeding, equipped with DTH hammer tools, very efficient for drilling rocky mountains and hard rocks. It only takes 3~5 minutes ...

  • Litostroj - Centrifugal Pumps

    Singe or multi-stage pumps, discharge capacity up to 2.000 l/s and delivery head up to 450 m, horizontal or vertical design, usage for water supply in general industry, power plants, deep-wells, and for drainage and sewage treatment in general industryi, single or double-suction impeller.

    By Litostroj Power based in Ljubljana, SLOVENIA. from Pumps Product line

  • Model ЦН Type - Centrifugal Horizontal Spiral Рumps

    Pumps of centrifugal horizontal spiral type with one-sided working wheels entry can be assigned for transferring and piping of water and liquids which have similar viscosity and chemical activity features as water has; temperature up to 100 C° and maximum solid particles concentration 0,05% and sized 0,2 mm. Pumps can be used in thermal power ...

    By Kharkovmash based in Kharkov, UKRAINE. from Pumps for Cold Water Product line

  • Orlando - Submersible Pump

    Motor-Pump; Brushless motor with a neodymium-iron-boron rotor with over 95% efficiency. Protection Class IP68. Insulation Class F. 4' oil filled constriction. Multi-stage centrifugal submersible pump for clean water in 4' wells. Floating impeller design ensures an extremely wear.resistant configuration. High corrosion resistance. Non-return valve ...

    By Orlando srl based in Chiavari (GE), ITALY.

  • STAC - Model PF Series - Peripheral Pumps

    Pumps with peripheral impellers which allow to reach medium-high discharge heads with low powers. This pumps are particularly suitable for pumping and distributing water in domestic water supply systems, as well as providing water supply to high pressure water heating systems.

    By Stac s.r.l. based in Trieste (Italy), ITALY. from Surface Centrifugal Cast Iron Made Electric Pumps Product line

  • Model 4P series SM - Submersible Pump

    Installation: into 4  deep arthesian wells DN100 with clean and non weapon water* for civil, industrial or fire-fighting plants. Thanks to selected materials and setting of the clearances, our pumps may work very well even with sand. To install the pump, see 'DIRECTIONS FOR USE' sheet.Use: continuous or intermittent service with 4' electric ...

    By APD Technology srl based in Chiarano (TV), ITALY. from Submersible Pumps Product line

  • Model i3 ( 10171 + 10173 + 10174 ) - Deep Well Pump

    Multi-level electric underwater pump for wells of 3' or larger. The pump are capable of developing high discharge heads and performances. Suited for conveying, disseminating and pressure pumping water in private and industrial water systems. Also suited for supplying autoclaves, fire safety and wash systems as well as irrigation systems.

    By iWater Wassertechnik GmbH & Co.KG based in Troisdorf, GERMANY. from Well Water- Well Pumps Product line

  • Model 3CSK-1 - 3 Inch Submersible Borehole Pumps

    Multistage submersible water pumps for 3' deep wells. Particularly suitable for civilian and industrial purposes, such as application to sprinkler and food plants, fire installations, etc. Water supply from wells or reservoirs, for garden use and irrigation.

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