public well (Water Wells) equipment available in Slovakia

  • Sunstone - Public Water Systems

    Public water systems add disinfectants such as chlorine to protect drinking water from disease-causing organisms. These disinfectants also react with bromide and natural organic matter (NOM) in the water to form disinfectant by-products. The US EPA and the WHO (among other regulatory entities) have identified groups of assigned maximum contaminant ...

    By Sunstone Water Group Europe ApS based in Vejle C, DENMARK.

  • FIBALON - Model 3D - Premium Swimming Pool Filter Material

    The unique FIBALON® technology achieves the highest demands of the National Public Health Centre and the National Service for Public Health in Hungary. The innovative polymer fiber filter FIBALON® has been successfully registered for the public and private sector of bath water and bath water supply as well as FIBALON® has become ...

    By FIBALON GmbH based in Neumarkt/OPf., GERMANY.

  • Rio

    RiO is an EPR software solution for the recording and documenting the provision of healthcare services. RiO is predominantly operational in Mental Health and Community Health settings. It can also be deployed to support social care requirements and has interoperability with GP practices to interface with their patient records. RiO’s public ...

    By CSE-Global (UK) Limited based in Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Healthcare Product line

  • Wopson - Video Recording Pipe Inspection Camera

    7 'Digital screen, standard 20 vermicelli cable, Industrial yellow box, burning function. Product application: Municipal pipelines, petrochemical, tank, shipbuilding, locomotive, engineering, machine casting and other industries inspection and maintenance, ventilation pipelines, water tanks, exhaust vents, pipelines, chimneys, wells, ventilation ...

    By ShenZhen Wopson Electrical Co., Ltd based in Shenzhen City,, CHINA. from Pipeline Inspection Camera Pan Tilt Camera Product line

  • MICRO - Shredder

    Suitable for small tractors, these units satisfy various working requirements, from traditional cleaning of flat areas to work on banks and ditches, as well as upkeep of hedgerows and public green areas.

    By Agrimaster based in Molinella (BO), ITALY. from Shredder Product line

  • BIRCOcanal - Supply Channel

    BIRCOcanal is an economically sound solution for safely laying lines and pipes in production halls, trade fair centres and public buildings, as well as internal and external industrial areas.

    By BIRCO GmbH based in Baden-Baden, GERMANY. from Heavy Duty Product line

  • Facade Cassettes

    Astermet is a manufacturer and supplier of facade cassettes (cassette cladding). Astermet offers aesthetic solution for demanding wall cladding of hall structures, office building as well as public buildings. We deliver our products worldwide.

    By Astermet based in Dnipropetrovsk, UKRAINE.

  • Model eControl series - Controllers

    The eControl series of controllers have been designed and developed to be used in wellness centres, domestic and public swimming pools. The controllers use galvanic isolated micro-processors protecting the measured readings from the application environment.

    By Etatron D.S. S.p.A based in Roma, ITALY. from Controllers Product line

  • Regular Smoking Cabins

    The Smoke ‘n Go smoking cabin is flexible in size and equipped to fit regular smoking intensities in any private or public building. It removes unpleasant odours and tobacco smoke as well as improves the general indoor air quality.

    By Euromate BV based in Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS. from Smoking Cabins Product line

  • ByeBirds EcoRepellent - Bird Control Biosolution

    That of pigeons is a big, still unsolved issue that affects hygiene and health because of nesting habits and dejections. The sites affected the most, with significant economic consequences, as well, are: public and private buildings, commercial buildings, monuments, production sites, storage facilities, billboards, etc.

    By Ekommerce Srl based in Atessa, ITALY. from Other Products Product line

  • FLOWPAP - Submersible Pumps

    FLOWPAP Submersible pumps with Pleuger motors have already been established as the most reliable in the worldwide as well as in the Greek market.Many thousands FLOWPAP - Pleuger submersible units operate for over 40 years all over Greece to cover needs for irrigation, water supply etc. (in public or private cases).FLOWPAP - Pleuger submersible ...

    By Papantonatos S.A. based in Acharnes, GREECE.

  • NIVA - Model MS1 H - Level Controller

    The NIVA level controller MS 1 H is the ideal solution to control liquid levels where halogen-free installations are required, e.g. in: Hospitals, public institutions, chemical plants .The NIVA level controller MS 1 H is engineered especially for use in halogen-free installations. The adhesion free connection cable provides protection against ...

    By Nolta GmbH based in Cölbe, GERMANY. from Water Technology Product line

  • Aqua Assist - Marine Bioremediation Agent

    Waterbodies -- including lakes, waterways and rivers, deltas, harbors, and coastal or offshore areas -- support many different industries around the world ranging from tourism to aquaculture. These industries are tremendously vulnerable to polluting events or continuous waste streams that are harmful to natural ecosystems as well as to public ...

    By DryLet based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Marley ClearSky - Plume Abatement

    Plume from a cooling tower can pose several issues. It may affect visibility and safety as well as public perception. Plume abatement is the process of removing this visible plume. ClearSky is a fully integrated system that operates more reliably than coil-based systems. By using a series of PVC heat exchanger modules in the tower plenum, ambient ...

    By SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. - a division of SPX Corporation based in Overland Park, KANSAS (USA). from Plume Abatement Product line

  • Model VB10 - Mobile Vertical Drilling Rigs

     Mobile vertical drilling rigs from Herrenknecht can drill down to 250 meters in order to efficiently explore shallow geothermal energy. This form of geothermal energy is used to heat and cool residential houses, public facilities as well as office and industrial buildings. From planning to design, to construction and operation, Herrenknecht ...

    By Herrenknecht AG. based in Schwanau, GERMANY. from Exploration Product line

  • LUF Mobil - Mobile Fire Fighter

    With the new developed LUF-Mobil, we offer mobility in a new dimension. The LUF-Mobil can break down barriers easily in the public traffic, as well as in nature. Curbsides, snow, forest floor or even roots are no barriers for the LUF-Mobil. Convince yourself! In the video with the LUF-Mobil prototype, you can see the vehicle in action. ...

    By LUF GmbH based in Thüringen, AUSTRIA. from Fire Fighter Product line

  • Air Stripping Systems

    Ensuring operations adhere to the current USEPA standards regarding maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) and addressing the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) is crucial to ensuring public safety, as well as avoiding costly penalties and downtime.  Determining the best partner to provide a complete solution for your operation’s ...

    By Layne based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA).

  • Oceanalpha - Model M75A - High Speed Security Unmanned Patrol Boat

    M75A High speed security Unmanned Patrol Boat is lately developed by Oceanalpha CO., Ltd. Offering innovative solutions to security and protection, patrol, investigation and evidence collection , which is a new intelligent platform for hydrographic survey, marine ecological environment protection, fishery supervision and accident rescue, also ...

    By OceanAlpha Group Ltd. based in Wan Chai, CHINA. from Marine Product line

  • Model ЦН Type - Centrifugal Horizontal Spiral Рumps

    Pumps of centrifugal horizontal spiral type with one-sided working wheels entry can be assigned for transferring and piping of water and liquids which have similar viscosity and chemical activity features as water has; temperature up to 100 C° and maximum solid particles concentration 0,05% and sized 0,2 mm. Pumps can be used in thermal power ...

    By Kharkovmash based in Kharkov, UKRAINE. from Pumps for Cold Water Product line

  • Reference materials for microbiology and pathogens

    The regular occurrence of food borne pathogen related outbreaks in the EU, the ongoing struggle with pathogens in health care and public health as well as the security threat related to the potential misuse of pathogens emphasise the need for an adequate and reliable monitoring system and preparedness against these risks. Consequently the JRC is ...

    By European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) based in Brussels, BELGIUM.

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