well water supply (Water Wells) equipment available in Slovakia

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    Eijkelkamp - Model 15.20 - Water Well Test Set

    When a promising aquifer has been found, a pump  test lasting one hour and some simple water quality checks must be performed. This procedure greatly reduces the risk of a low yield and/or unsatisfactory water quality after construction. For this purpose one can use the set. The test set in fact belongs to the surveying set (15.01.SA) and ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Augering & Soil Sampling Equipment Product line

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    S&L DI-SEP - Softeners

    Smith & Loveless’s DI-SEP® Ion Exchange systems remove dissolved calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg), which are largely responsible for the scale formation tendencies in most waters. The DI-SEP® Ion Exchange Systems are also used for the removal of nitrates, radon and silica. The use of a softening system is often required for ...

    By Smith & Loveless Inc. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA). from Water - Ion Exchange Systems Product line

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    GWT - Reverse Osmosis Desalination Technology

    Genesis Water Technologies is dedicated to providing sustainable, innovative, and specialized reverse osmosis desalination solutions for both sea water desalination and highly brackish well water desalination. To guarantee a reliable, continuous safe water supply, water authorities, governmental agencies, private utilities in coastal and island ...

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA). from Drinking Water Solutions Product line

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    Eijkelkamp - Model 12.28.02 - Stainless Steel Bladder Pump Ø 22 mm

    These stainless steel bladder pumps are used for purging and taking samples in monitoring wells. The teflon bladder in the pump prevents contact between the sample water and compressed air. These pumps are supplied with a pneumatic regulator and tubes. The regulator restricts the delivery during purging and sampling, which keeps the turbidity low ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Water Samplers (Ground) Product line

  • Rotons - Model PM400 and PM500 - Isolated Water Measuring Wells

    Water measurement wells PM400 and PM500 are meant for connecting individual consumers to the municipal water main. The wells are designed and constructed according to the climatic conditions of the Baltics and Nordics. ROTONS’s Ltd. PM500 isothermal wells received 3rd place in the Import Substitute Category of the Export and Innovation Award ...

    By Rotons Ltd. based in Adažu nov, LATVIA. from Water Supply Product line

  • Laval Underground Surveys - Model R-Cam 1000 - Portable Water Well Camera

    The R-Cam XS is a portable dual-view, borehole camera system with automated control for either downhole or side-view video profile. Side-view lens includes 360 degree rotation to the right and left with no external moving parts. This camera has effective survey capabilities for 3-inch to 12-inch (7.62-cm to 30.5-cm) well diameters. The R-Cam well ...

    By Laval Underground Surveys based in Fresno,, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Water Well Casing Indicator Probe

    The Heron Well Casing Indicator Probe is used for measuring the depth of metal casing in wells and boreholes from 2” diameter and greater. The Heron Well Casing Indicator Probe is a necessary tool when decommissioning wells, installing packers and registering wells with water authorities. An audible and visual signal indicates when the metal ...

    By HERON Instruments Inc. based in Dundas, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Water Level Indicators N Product line

  • Water Well Depth Indicator Probe

    The Heron Well Depth Indicator Probe is used to measure the depth of wells and boreholes. The Well Depth Indicator uses a stainless steel probe fitted with a pressure sensitive plunger attached to either the Heron dipper-T or Water Tape water level indicators. The graduated tape, with two stranded stainless steel conductors is stored on a durable ...

    By HERON Instruments Inc. based in Dundas, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Water Level Indicators N Product line

  • Turbine Couplings

    Size: 2' thru 14' turbine column couplingsType: 'J' type (straight thread), 'P' type (3/16 taper), and 'TT' type (N.P.T.)

    By Kelly Pipe Co. LLC based in Santa Fe Springs, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Water Well Supplies Product line

  • Water Well

    Groundwater is found in a variety of formations (such as porous sand lenses, limestone and fractured rock). To access this precious resource, a waterwell is required. Waterwells can be constructed using a variety of methods, from simple hand auger to more complex mud rotary systems, ranging in depths from metres to several kilometres. Most wells ...

    By AMC Germany GmbH - Imdex based in Rastede, GERMANY.

  • Pump Column

    Sizes: 2-1/2' pipe through 16' diameter pipe in both oil lubricated (20 ft.) lengths and product lubricated (10 ft.) length.Thread styles include straight butt thread, 3/16 taper butt, N.P.T. 3/4 taper and 8 round thread.

    By Kelly Pipe Co. LLC based in Santa Fe Springs, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Water Well Supplies Product line

  • Bronze Lineshaft Bearings

    Manufactured from continuous cast 944 bronze bar stock, Kelly Pipe offers a complete line of threaded bronze lineshaft bearings including 8 thread, 10 thread, 12 thread and 14 thread in both right hand and left hand styles. Bronze bowl bushings, tee bearings, changeover bearings as well as taper locks and collets are also available.

    By Kelly Pipe Co. LLC based in Santa Fe Springs, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Water Well Supplies Product line

  • Deep-Well Pumps

    Deep-well units are designed for use in water supply systems, for pumping and increasing liquid pressures in technological processes, reduction of ground water level, watering systems, and other industrial and residential applications.

    By Hydro-Vacuum S.A. based in Grudziądz, POLAND. from Water Product line

  • UrSpring Well

    Safe and crystal-clear Drinking Water from your own well! Seccua UrSpring. Take control over your water quality at home. Crystal-clear and safe drinking-water from every tap in your house. The new UrSpring cleans itself intelligently, only when required, and does not interupt the water supply when water is used. Whole-house water safety at an ...

    By Seccua GmbH based in Steingaden, GERMANY.

  • Deep Well Pump

    It is a pump that is immersed in a groundwater well for pumping and delivering water. Is widely used in domestic water supply, farmland irrigation and drainage, industrial and mining enterprises, urban water supply and drainage.

    By Zhejiang Dingfeng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. based in Wenling City, CHINA.

  • Sand Trap - Model 12 x 60 - Well Water Filter

    The Sand Trap is a 125 psi rated tank that separates and settles out the sand, shale and oxidized organics in your water supplies. It works by running the water through an internal swirl chamber and then into a diverting plate. This forces the heavier particles to settle down to the bottom of the tank for easy removal by simply opening the valve. ...

    By Clarity Water Products based in Vista, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Well Water Product line

  • HydroCare - Model O2Hydro - Well Water Filtration System with Aeration Tube

    Pollutants commonly found in well water include heavy metals, minerals and other contaminants that can cause the water to taste or smell bad, and can be difficult to live with. The water can be brownish, smell putrid, leave stains and corrode appliances and fixtures. But even worse than the negative aesthetics, pollutants seeping into your ...

    By WAVE Home Solutions based in Oceanside, NEW YORK (USA). from Well Water Product line

  • Model i3 ( 10171 + 10173 + 10174 ) - Deep Well Pump

    Multi-level electric underwater pump for wells of 3' or larger. The pump are capable of developing high discharge heads and performances. Suited for conveying, disseminating and pressure pumping water in private and industrial water systems. Also suited for supplying autoclaves, fire safety and wash systems as well as irrigation systems.

    By iWater Wassertechnik GmbH & Co.KG based in Troisdorf, GERMANY. from Well Water- Well Pumps Product line

  • Riser - Water Well Pipe

    Fiberdur is operating nationally and internationally in the water-well industry. We supply a wide range of products made from GRP, stainless steel and from other materials related to the water-well industry. These products like casings, screens, riser pipes and their accessories are mainly used in water wells. Glassfibre reinforced piping systems ...

    By TPR Fiberdur GmbH & Co. KG based in Aldenhoven, GERMANY. from Special Products Product line

  • Water Well Screens (BD)

    Water well screens are used for water exploiting.The strong construction and high quality of materials make possible a product that lasts longer and requires less maintenance.We also can offer galvanized ones to prolong the operational life.Meanwhile,our company can offer a whole set of sevice,such as the related process,the solution of the ...

    By HuaDong Screen Co,LTD based in xinxiang, CHINA.

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