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  • Manual Port-A-Reels Pump
    Showcase Product

    Manual Port-A-Reels Pump

    By Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.)

    The rugged powder-coated frame has large 16" pneumatic tires with extendable swivel castors on the front and is fitted with a footage counter. The boom is extendable to accommodate different well casing heights. The ...

  • Eccentric Coupling Reducer
    Showcase Product

    Eccentric Coupling Reducer

    By H2Optimal, Inc.

    The PVC PCM is constructed of Schedule 40 steel well casing.  An eccentric reducer coupling provides a watertight connection to the well casing.  The cap is a watertight vented lid which meets PAS97 ...

  • Salient Pole Rotors
    Showcase Product

    Salient Pole Rotors

    By National Electric Coil (NEC)

    Hydrogenerators and other salient pole machines consist of a rotating spider mounted on a shaft with field poles mounted on the spider rim. We have manufactured new field poles for more than a dozen units whose ...

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  • H2Optimal, Inc.

    H2Optimal, Inc.

    H2Optimal has designed pitless units which connect to the well casing and houses the pressure tank and controls. Pressure tank sizes range from 2.1 ...

  • Fiberglass Well Systems

    Fiberglass Well Systems

    Manufacturer of Fiberglass/ Epoxy Monitor and Recovery Well Casing and Screens for Groundwater Monitoring and Remediation projects. Available in ...

  • Desert Engineering Ltd

    Desert Engineering Ltd

    Desert Engineering Ltd was established in 2012 as the exclusive UK distributor of Cleanfix reversible fans. Our aim is to supply the Cleanfix product ...

  • Duzgunler Plastic

    Duzgunler Plastic

    Duzgunler Plastic, which took its first steps in the buiness world with its objectives inclined towards the future in 1975, hold on production ...

  • Polat Makina

    Polat M at the request of the Stern machines machine manufacturing, machine overhauls, spare parts manufacturing, automation systems venilina g ü ...