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  • Plastic Pharmaceutical Bottles

    Plastic Pharmaceutical Bottles

    Are you looking for pharmaceutical bottles wholesale? Alpha Packaging caters to the pharmaceutical industry with FDA-approved resins and colorants for stock and customized pharmaceutical packaging. We are continuously investing in new molds for each solid dose and OTC liquid pharmaceutical formulations. And we will be replicating

  • Pipe Plug in UAE

    PlugCo manufactures inflatable pipe plugs and joint testers for blocking the flow or/and testing the gravity pipeline and it manufactures packers for pipe repairing as well. Inflatable pipe ...


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  • Pipe Repair Flexible Lateral Point Repair - Bendy Packer

    Pipe Repair Flexible Lateral Point Repair - Bendy Packer

    Pipe Ballon Packers allows for lateral point repair of pipe lines when cracks happen. Easy and cost effective solution. Flexible packers for lateral point repair and maintenance purpose. Model designation is Flexible Packer Test Plugs (FPTP). They are suitable for repair of pipeline joints or repair of shorter pipeline sections along with insertion of stainless steel shells. On one side of the ...