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Well Packers equipment for Soil and Groundwater

  • Model WC & WCJ - Well Packers

    Seals in hard rock when using 6” to 6-1/4” hammer. sed has liner seal in 6” to 6-1/4” ID casing. Stays where you set it, will not drift up or down in well. Available in PVC or Steel Pipe. Can be threaded, NPT pin one or both ends. 21” long standard length

    By Western Rubber & Manufacturing based in Conroe, TEXAS (USA).

  • RIPE - Mini Hydro-Frac Packers

    Mini hydro-frac packers are commonly used in mining and civil industries but also in geotechnical applications available as a single packer or straddle configuration. Mini hydro-frac packers can be used in very small boreholes 38mm (E size core), though all diameters are available on request. Suitable for hydraulic fracturing, pressures up to ...

  • Kale Grup - Inflatable Borehole Packer

    Inflatable borehole packer is an auxiliary equipment used in; washing the borehole during the drilling and grouting works, in the pressure water tests and hydraulic tests, in hatch and curtain injections during dam and pond constructions, in contact and consolidation injections during tunnel constructions and in similiar works. Injection packer is ...

    By Kale Group based in Ostim, TURKEY. from Inflatable Borehole Packer Product line

  • PREMUS - Model 600 - Section Test Packer System

    The Vario Kampac has two test plugs, connected via a telescopic rod for leak tests up to 5 m distance with one end having a packer together with a pan and tilt camera. Similar to our satellite systems, there is a special adaptor for a flexible or spring-loaded connection to the main camera. At this connection, the lateral sealing plug is fixed; ...

    By Rausch GmbH & Co. KG based in Wei├čensberg, GERMANY. from Section Test Packer System Product line

  • Tigre Tierra - Inflatable Packers

    Tigre Tierra Inflatable Packers, designed and manufactured by Aardvark Packers, range from simple fixed-head balloon packers to steel-reinforced sliding-head Viton and stainless steel monitoring systems with multiple transducers and pumps. In addition, we offer our patented Tigre Tierra Wireline Packer Systems for permeability testing during core ...

    By Aardvark Packers based in Altus, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Inflatable Packers Product line

  • Test Pumping System

    G STOW PLC is fully equipped to perform test pumping for any purpose in all conditions, with many year’s experience in: Step tests, Constant rate tests, Multi Borehole Combined, Recharge testing, Constant rate tests, Packer testing, Sand testing equipment.

    By G STOW PLC based in Wallingford, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Baski - Medium-Duty Inflatable Packers

    Baski's Medium Duty Packer is our most popular sliding-end packer. It is a versatile tool for a wide range of hole sizes and depths. Standard construction includes aluminum, steel or stainless steel metal parts and a reinforced natural rubber element; however, special oil resistant covers and all stainless steel metal parts can be ordered.

    By Baski, Inc. based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA). from Medium-Duty Inflatable Packers Product line

  • TAM-J - Inflatable Packer

    The TAM-J is an inflatable packer that utilizes TAM's field-proven multi-set setting mechanism. The tool is able to conduct multiple inflate/deflate cycles in one run, allowing a wide array of applications.

    By TAM International, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Inflatable Packer Product line

  • Geopro BIM BAR - Model 28 - 170 mm - Inflatable Single Packers

    Geopro manufactures a complete range of inflatable single packers available in nine different diameters from 0 28mm up to 0 170mm. These packers are mainly used for cement grouting, permeability testing...

    By Geopro S.A. based in Mons, BELGIUM. from Inflatable Single Packers Product line

  • Inflatable Grout Packers

    A typical grouting job uses either inflatable or mechanical packers.  The selection is determined based on the condition of the borehole, the depth of the hole and what support equipment is readily available. Inflatable packers range in length form 10” up to five feet or more.  They are specifically designed for depths more ...

    By QSP Packers, LLC based in Sumner, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • RIPE - Pressure Sleeves

    Pressure meter membranes are manufactured to suit all styles and types of pressure meters and are manufactured as either an all rubber construction or with vulcanised steel end connections. RIPE inflatable packers manufacture all borehole and geotechnical alternatives to the pressure meter membranes. Pressure meter membranes are available in all ...

    By Replacement Inflatable Packers & Elements Pty Ltd based in Perth, AUSTRALIA. from Pressure Sleeves Product line

  • Baski - Grouting Packers- Baseline Reservoir

    A series of custom low pressure packers were made to allow sliplining of an existing 18' clay pipe through a earthen dam that was failing.  These packers allowed phased grouting from both the upstream and downstream sides of the dam.  This prevented the need to breach the high hazard dam and replace the outlet by conventional excavation.

    By Baski, Inc. based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA). from Grouting Packers- Baseline Reservoir Product line

  • Vapo - Model DP - Long Packers

    Long packers consist of a rubberizedfabric tube ended with aluminium faces at both its ends. The faces are provided with quick-couplers to facilitate inflation of the bag and with handling eyes. These packers are not provided with wheels and do not allow the medium to flow during the repair. The effective surface ranges from 1600 to 3600 mm.

    By Vapo spol. s r. o. based in Cerveny Kostelec, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Long Packers Product line

  • Model Single Packer - Inflatable Packers

    Packers are used around the world as underground test devices for liquid pressure measurements and major elements used where drilling and injection are done by injection of consolidating or waterproofing grouts, and have many applications related to construction sites mentioned as below.

    By Geodrill Master based in Sanpathong, THAILAND.

  • Mechanical Packers

    Mechanical Packers sometimes called Surface Set Packers, are a low cost, low pressure, hand set Packer for Cased Wells, or Smooth Hard Rock Bored Holes. They are made to be set at 12” depth to 20’ depth. The length is decided by where seal is going to be down hole. They have a limited expansion range, that is why they are not ...

    By QSP Packers, LLC based in Sumner, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • RIPE - Inflatable Packers

    Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Pty Ltd manufacture standard and custom designed packers to suit the unique requirements of your project. RIPE supplies high pressure inflatable packers for hydraulic fracturing and block caving procedures capable of pressures up to 12,000psi (83MPa)., Supplying Inflatable packers for: Environmental ...

    By Replacement Inflatable Packers & Elements Pty Ltd based in Perth, AUSTRALIA. from Inflatable Packers Product line

  • CasinR Annulus Packer (CAP)

    The CAP product line consists of an array of casing-conveyed, inflatable packer solutions designed to provide a reliable mechanical barrier in open hole or cased hole installations.The CAP product line consists of an array of casing-conveyed, inflatable packer solutions designed to provide a reliable mechanical barrier in open hole or cased hole ...

    By TAM International, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from CasinR Annulus Packer (CAP) Product line

  • SkyQuip - Inflatable Packers

    The Kec-Inflatable packer is a very versatile packer; The 4 3/4' OD packer will handle bore sizes ranging from 5' to 7'. Another plus to the Inflatable packer is its ability to form to the various differeences in the well itself, giving a tighter and safer seal.

    By Sky Quip, LLC based in Sterling, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Inflatable Packers Product line

  • Geopro - Model VHP 100 - Hand Pump

    The VHP100 pump is particularly well adapted to the inflation of our packers or to any other application requiring a setting under water pressure. The design of the pump VHP 100 allows the assembly of the option ‘’ feeding’’ which facilitates the filling of large volumes without actuating the pump and a fast pressurization. ...

    By Geopro S.A. based in Mons, BELGIUM. from Hand Pump Product line

  • BIMBAR - Model ZI (28-17omm) - Double Inflatable Packers

    Each single packer from 0 28mm to 0 -17omm can easily be transformed into a double packer assembly by adding a speci-fic element : the central element CE. Just unscrew the sliding end from the single packer and replace it with the CE element. Complete the installation by screwing a standard inflatable element S (sleeve) and a plug PL on the lower ...

    By Geopro S.A. based in Mons, BELGIUM. from Double Inflatable Packers Product line

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