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Well Packers equipment for Soil and Groundwater

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    Plugco - Model FTP-P - Flow Through Pillow Packer

    Plugo’s Pillow Packers are used for repair and maintenance of large pipe sizes. Plugo’s Pillow Packers are used for repair and maintenance of large pipe sizes. When there is a crack or damage in a large diameter pipe, the most cost-effective repair method – a Plugco pillow packer – is a convenient solution to repair it. The ...

    By PlugCo based in Corum, TURKEY. from Inflatable Pipe Plug Product line

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    Plugco - Model FPTP - Pipe Repair Flexible Lateral Point Repair - Bendy Packer

    Pipe Ballon Packers allows for lateral point repair of pipe lines when cracks happen. Easy and cost effective solution. Flexible packers for lateral point repair and maintenance purpose. Model designation is Flexible Packer Test Plugs (FPTP). They are suitable for repair of pipeline joints or repair of shorter pipeline sections along with ...

    By PlugCo based in Corum, TURKEY. from Inflatable Pipe Plug Product line

  • SkyQuip - Inflatable Packers

    The Kec-Inflatable packer is a very versatile packer; The 4 3/4' OD packer will handle bore sizes ranging from 5' to 7'. Another plus to the Inflatable packer is its ability to form to the various differeences in the well itself, giving a tighter and safer seal.

    By Sky Quip, LLC based in Sterling, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Hydro-Frac Equipment Product line

  • Geopro - Model VHP 100 - Hand Pump

    The VHP100 pump is particularly well adapted to the inflation of our packers or to any other application requiring a setting under water pressure. The design of the pump VHP 100 allows the assembly of the option ‘’ feeding’’ which facilitates the filling of large volumes without actuating the pump and a fast pressurization. ...

    By Geopro S.A. based in Mons, BELGIUM. from Pumps Product line

  • QSP - Wireline Packers

    The Wireline System is a timesaving method for conducting permeability testing during core drilling.

    By QSP Packers, LLC based in Puyallup, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Avanti - Model AV-350 - Multigel for Prepolymer Resin

    AV-350 is a prepolymer resin with excellent permeation properties. It quickly permeates the soil and cures to create an effective water barrier while providing superb soil stabilization. AV-350 does have the added benefit of containing dimethyl ketone (acetone) – a high hygroscopic chemical able to attract surrounding atmospheric moisture ...

    By Avanti International based in Webster, TEXAS (USA). from Urethane Gel Product line

  • Model ASI-X - Single String Double-Grip Production Packer

    The ASI-X Single String Double-Grip Production Packer is the most versatile of the mechanically set retrievable packers and may be used in any production application. This packer is suited for treating, testing, or injection applications, in pumping or flowing wells, either deep or shallow. This packer can be left in tension or ...

    By D&L Oil Tools based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Mechanical Set Packers Product line

  • Fexible Packer with Integrated Camera

    Fexible packer with integrated camera for pressure tests of laterals, joints and pipe sections with air. Application in combination with the Premus control units in manual operation from 100 - 150 mm (optional up to 200 mm)

    By Rausch GmbH & Co. KG based in Weißensberg, GERMANY. from Leak Detection Product line

  • InFlex - Flow Control Valve (FCV)

    The InFlex Flow Control Valve (FCV) is a fluid-actuated valve that permits pumping water to the surface or regulating the flow of water from the surface into the well, while using the same column pipe and maintaining a column of water in it at all times. The InFlex FCV may be used in conjunction with a submersible pump or a vertical turbine pump ...

    By Baski, Inc. based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA). from Flow Control Valve Product line

  • BIMBAR - Model ZI (28-17omm) - Double Inflatable Packers

    Each single packer from 0 28mm to 0 -17omm can easily be transformed into a double packer assembly by adding a speci-fic element : the central element CE. Just unscrew the sliding end from the single packer and replace it with the CE element. Complete the installation by screwing a standard inflatable element S (sleeve) and a plug PL on the lower ...

    By Geopro S.A. based in Mons, BELGIUM. from Inflatable Packers Product line

  • Wellcare - Model WC-MECH-2 & WC-MECH-2L - Mechanical Double Grip & Double Grip Large Bore Retrievable Packer

    The model “WC-MECH-2” Retrievable Casing Packer is a retrievable set-down packer that features a large bypass area through the Packer. The bypass area is controlled by a face-seal type bypass valve which is actuated by a 30” inch stroke mandrel. The Packer is available in a single-grip version for use as a conventional ...

    By Wellcare Oil Tools India Private Limited based in Gurgaon, INDIA. from Mechanical Packers Product line

  • RIPE - Inflatable Packers

    Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Pty Ltd manufacture standard and custom designed packers to suit the unique requirements of your project. RIPE supplies high pressure inflatable packers for hydraulic fracturing and block caving procedures capable of pressures up to 12,000psi (83MPa)., Supplying Inflatable packers for: Environmental ...

    By Replacement Inflatable Packers & Elements Pty Ltd based in Perth, AUSTRALIA. from Inflatable Packers Product line

  • Model K - Packers Coupling

    Available in the three (3) types, COUPLING (Right by Right/Right by Left) BLANK (for gluing to PVC pipe) WELD ON. Designed to seal in Schedule 40 pipe unless stated otherwise. Can be Furnished in STAINLESS STEEL. Provides a “sand tight” seal between screen and casing. Used for many applications in WATER WELL, CONSTRUCTION, AND ...

    By Western Rubber & Manufacturing based in Conroe, TEXAS (USA).

  • Model CMP - Elliptical Mainline Packer

    The Elliptical Mainline Injection Packers are custom made for the exact pipe dimensions & the available access. A soft natural rubber sleeve, covering the two end bladders, provides a non-stick surface and a superior seal against rough surfaces.  The Elliptical packer is equiped with a localized sensor & two chemical ports protected ...

    By Logiball Inc. based in Quebec, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Test & Seal Packers Product line

  • RIPE - Abandonment Bridge Plugs

    Abandonment bridge plugs perform a very simple yet critical task of sealing and abandoning wells and other boreholes. Once set at a predetermined depth and inflated a concrete plug is poured on top of the packer and set.

    By Replacement Inflatable Packers & Elements Pty Ltd based in Perth, AUSTRALIA. from Water Well Equipment Product line

  • RIPE - Inflatable Bridge Plugs

    Inflatable bridge plugs are set below the surface at a predetermined depth can be permanent installation or retrievable. Incorporating the use of a left hand back off thread the tool may be removed whilst keeping the packer inflated. Bridge plugs can be manufactured to all diameters and lengths with a wide range of pressure ratings to provide an ...

    By Replacement Inflatable Packers & Elements Pty Ltd based in Perth, AUSTRALIA. from Oil & Gas Product line

  • Flexible Wheel Packer

    Flexible wheel packers are similar in construction to lateral packers with the inclusion of wheels at each end of the packer to prevent the packer and equipment dragging along the borehole. This is particularly useful in pipes/ drains where horizontal entry may be required.

    By Replacement Inflatable Packers & Elements Pty Ltd based in Perth, AUSTRALIA. from Domestic Plumbing Product line

  • Double Packers

    The double packer is a system equipped with two infl atable elements. The pump is positioned between  two infl atable packers.This confi guration allows  selective pumping. The production zone is isolated from the remainder of the bore hole. The distance between the two infl atable elements is adjustable. It is possible to mount the pump ...

    By Geopro S.A. based in Mons, BELGIUM. from Water Well Inflatable Packers Product line

  • Hydraulic Permapak Packer

    The Hydraulic Permapak Packer is a hydraulic set seal bore packer and is the hydraulic set equivalent of the Permapak Seal Bore Packer. The full range of Permapak Seal Bore Accessories may be used with the Hydraulic Permapak.

    By D&L Oil Tools based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Permanent Set Packers Product line

  • Tigre Tierra - Inflatable Packers

    Tigre Tierra Inflatable Packers, designed and manufactured by Aardvark Packers, range from simple fixed-head balloon packers to steel-reinforced sliding-head Viton and stainless steel monitoring systems with multiple transducers and pumps. In addition, we offer our patented Tigre Tierra Wireline Packer Systems for permeability testing during core ...

    By Aardvark Packers based in Altus, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Environmental Product line

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