Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP)

Adaptation Academy for Professional Training Programme


The Adaptation Academy developed in partnership with the Smith School at Oxford University, is designed to train adaptation practitioners in the most up-to-date best practice. The Academy takes the experiences and knowledge gained from GCAP's core services and develops a participant driven, professional training programme designed around innovative practices from across the world that are grounded in real world projects and leading research.

Through the Academy we train the best and brightest people from international organizations, governments, the private-sector, NGOs, universities, community organisations and individuals who have the ability to influence the way climate adaptation is addressed. By properly training influential people we hope to have an exponential effect on the climate adaptation field as those people will train others, influence policies and practices, and play a strong role in shaping the climate adaptation field.

2012 Adaptation Academy graduate, Kevin Carlucci from Development Alternatives (USA) said: “GCAP challenges students to understand the nuance of catalyzing change at the personal and institutional levels, which ultimately helped me think beyond passive climate change adaptation ‘training’ and ‘capacity building’ activities involved in donor programs to how to make systemic impact.”

Now in our fourth year of the Adaptation Academy, we can clearly see the success of our unique professional development model, which enables participants to develop technical and leadership skills through actual project work and practical case studies. Its aim is to develop participants’ capacity in “how to, not what is adaptation.” We constantly refine and shape the course based on the learning and feedback from previous years, ensuring that we remain a global leader in climate adaptation training.

The Adaptation Academy starts with a three-week intensive Foundation Course focused on developing skills and knowledge to be a global change maker in the climate change field. The 2013 Foundation Course will run from 12 to 30 August in Oxford, United Kingdom. It will follow a similar structure to the 2012 course but with updates and development based on participants’ feedback, as well as our own learning and advances in good practices in the field of climate adaptation.

The GCAP Adaptation Academy also initiates and engages in collaborative research activities. Insights from the Academy's research directly feed GCAP's training curriculum and project activities. This continuous process maintains and further strengthens GCAP's position as a knowledge-led organization.

Climate adaptation is characterized by both urgency and rapidly developing understanding. It is critical for GCAP to ensure that its consultants - and the company as a whole - remain at the forefront of current understanding of adaptation planning, development processes, the climate system and the interpretation of models. The GCAP Academy provides facilities and time to enable consultants to engage in relevant research activities, carried out in collaboration with leading universities and research institutes.

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