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Advanced Interpretation Life Cycle Assessment Interactive Online Training Courses


The objective of this class is to provide students with expert guidance on carrying out the interpretation phase of an LCA, including instruction on the conceptual background and need for interpretation, review of ISO guidelines and requirements for interpretation, practical methods and tools for interpretation, and helpful hints and strategies. Delivery of the course material will be facilitated by practical LCA examples which the instructor will use to illustrate key points.

The Interpretation phase of an LCA serves two purposes:

1) To gain insight so you can efficiently guide and refine the selected methodology and inventory model
2) To derive robust conclusions and well-founded recommendations, as appropriate 

This course presents the details of how to conduct an ISO-compliant interpretation that meets all the required completeness, sensitivity and consistency checks. You will learn how to use contribution, scenario, uncertainty, and sensitivity analyses to conduct a fully detailed interpretation that will ensure your study results are robust and well founded. 


  • Concepts and Methods
    • Conceptual background for interpretation
    • Sources of uncertainty in LCA
    • Guidance from ISO standards and key literature
    • Description of tools and methods available for interpretation
      • Consistency checks
      • Completeness checks
      • Data quality checks
      • Interpretation tools and methods.
  • Practical Exercises and Strategies
    • Review and discussion of interpretation practice assignment
    • Practical interpretation methods in a case study
    • Data quality and uncertainty analysis
    • Tips and strategies for interpretation 


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