- GF6 Operator Training


This 3-4 day course is recommended for all GF6 equipment sales. Upon completion of the AquaLocate GF6 Training, you will be capable of using the GF6 confidently in the field, collect data and have basic data interpretation knowledge. After taking the training through AquaLocate, you also become eligible for ongoing support and data review.

Aqualocate Customers
Customers who buy the GF6  must be trained to operate it. Returning customers may request a refresher course.

New Business
Entrepreneurs can become a GF6 operator and use it to help support an existing business or jumpstart a new one.

Geology/Geophysics Professionals
Professionals seeking to advance their career or existing services with increased accuracy and advanced technology can upgrade to the GF6.

AquaLocate’s GF6 Training course is for anyone needing to use the GF6 equipment to conduct well water surveys, quantification services, direct hydrocarbon indication, or other situations involving seismoelectric exploration.

Some trainees have gone on to start their own groundwater survey businesses and successfully locate groundwater for people around the world. Existing businesses have used their new seismoelectric system and training to expand the services they provide.

Hands-on Instruction
The training is comprised of time spent in a classroom setting and time out in the field using the equipment. You will learn general operating principles and protocols as well as data collection techniques and basic data processing and interpretation skills.

Quick to Master
The GF6 is not difficult to learn, but it requires basic computer skills and some physical ability. Due to some of the physical requirements, certain people with disabilities or physical limitations may need help operating the equipment.

Learn From Experts
You'll be trained by experienced AquaLocate surveyors to process and interpret the data collected using the GF6. In addition, you will learn how to troubleshoot problems that may arise.

Ongoing Support
We offer continued support to our trained operators in the form of information, resources, updates and data review and interpretation (when requested).

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