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Asbestos Awareness in Construction


This course, together with additional, “site specific” information, was designed to meet the OSHA (1926.1101) and AHERA regulatory requirements in one easy to understand course. Asbestos awareness training is required upon initial assignment and annually for employees whose work activities may contact asbestos containing materials (ACM) or presumed asbestos-containing materials (PACM), but do not disturb ACM or PACM during their work activities (Class IV operations). 29CFR 1926.1101(k)(9)(vii) requires a minimum of 2 hours training. The 2 hour course agenda includes an introduction to: background information on asbestos (its various forms and uses); health effects of asbestos; worker protection programs; common locations of ACM in buildings; recognition of ACM damage and deterioration; operations and maintenance programs; response to fiber release episodes and more. Workers who perform activities that will result in the disturbance of ACM must receive additional training.

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