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Asbestos Building Inspector Initial Course



In addition to completing the course and scoring at least 70% on the course exam, you must meet the individual state requirements to receive a state license. This generally involves completing the state application, paying a fee, and meeting the experience/education requirements. For example, in Indiana inspectors must have a highschool diploma or a GED certificate.

Our courses are accepted for licensing in Indiana, Illinois and in states requiring only EPA approval, such as Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. Call us regarding other states you might be interested in. (Sorry, Missouri requirements make it impossible for us to be approved there.)

Persons completing the inspector initial course are eligible for further training as Asbestos Management Planners.

Federal Regulations mandate asbestos inspections in all areas of structures that will be affected by renovation or demolition. These inspections must be performed by an accredited building inspector, even in commercial and industrial facilities. In addition, K-12 schools must regularly use accredited inspectors to re-inspect their buildings. The Institute's Asbestos Building Inspector Initial training not only meets Indiana, Illinois, and federal accreditation requirements, it also provides participants with practical help and materials to carry out this task.

  • Institute and U.S. EPA training manuals.
  • Institute Compendium of Asbestos Regulations.
  • Job aids to simplify inspection procedures.
  • Two field trips.
  • Hands-on experience in:
    • Sample collection.
    • Use and maintenance of PPE. (Bring your own P100 respirator if you would like to have it fit-tested during the course.)
    • Use of building documents.

  • A comprehensive slide-show tour of a representative facility.
  • Health effects of asbestos.
  • Identification, classification, and assessment of PACM and suspect ACM.
  • Inspection procedures.
  • Sampling and analysis requirements.
  • Report preparation and recordkeeping.
  • Regulations related to asbestos.


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