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Environmental Management Institute, Inc.

Asbestos Project Designer Initial Course



Project designers work with building owners and abatement personnel to ensure that the project can be conducted safely and with minimal risks to building occupants. They prepare the work specifications for asbestos removals, encapsulations, and enclosures.

In the AHERA rule for K-12 schools, the U.S. EPA required that local education agencies obtain the services of an accredited / licensed project designer before beginning most response actions affecting friable asbestos-containing building materials. Later the EPA extended the accreditation program to include persons designing certain asbestos projects in public and commercial buildings, namely

  1. response and removal actions, other than small-scale, short-duration maintenance activities;
  2. maintenance activities that disturb friable ACBM, other than SSSD activities;
  3. responses to major fiber release episodes.

  • EPA and Institute course manual.
  • Institute Compendium of Asbestos Rules.
  • Classroom training.
  • Field trip.
  • Design exercise.
  • Required certification examination.

  • Recognition of asbestos, ACM, and ACBM.
  • Health effects of asbestos.
  • Regulations affecting asbestos in buildings and on structures.
  • Procedures for managing asbestos in place.
  • Procedures for safely removing asbestos.


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