Colorado Rural Water Association (CRWA)

Basic Board and Council Training Course

are having more demands placed upon them. Making informed decisions is becoming more of a challenge due to the increased influences of laws, regulations, and liability. This course offers the board, or council, member the opportunity to learn about the impact and responsibility that comes from open-meeting laws, parliamentary procedure, financial planning, water and wastewater regulations, and dealing with staffing issues and utility management. This course was written by Tom Hyatt, Training Specialist, for Missouri Rural Water Association and is applauded as a ground-breaking opportunity to begin educating and assisting decision-makers with their growing responsibilities.

Course Modules:

  1. Elected to a Board
  2. Parliamentary Procedure
  3. Open Meetings Law
  4. Communicating with Customers
  5. Personnel Management
  6. Water Utility Oversight
  7. Financial Management

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