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Basic Logix/logixcentral/Tour Optimiser Training


The Basic Training course introduces users to LogiX. The overall objective of the course is to bring users to a level of knowledge where they can independently calibrate the software against known measures. It also serves to explain the way in which schedules are built so users have an understanding of the processes that influence the building of automatically-scheduled routes. If you would like to find out more about our training services, please email or get in touch using the contact page.

On the basic training course users will:

  • Learn what modules comprise a standard LogiX installation
  • Discuss and explain the parameter settings and their effect on the vehicle scheduling software
  • Practice using the mouse and function keys
  • Import task records and correct errors
  • Create manual routes
  • Create automatic routes
  • Manipulate existing routes
  • Select various reports for analysis
  • Save and back-up Work Areas
  • Discuss system maintenance

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