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Becoming Familiar with Green Cleaning Concepts (GEO 015)



This course will discuss a green mindset into the products used for cleaning facilities and how pollutants can be kept in check with greener cleaning practices. The module reviews how toxic cleaning practices affect indoor air quality and how greener cleaning policies may reduce dust, bacteria that may be associated with illness and absenteeism. In the course you will be able to: Identify hazards found in chemical cleaning agents. Identify green alternatives to traditional cleaning products. Describe sick building syndrome.

Dates & Time Offered : On Line Anytime
Duration : 15 minutes each
Course Description : These modules will cover the introduction to developing a green cleaning plan in a business environment and its many benefits. The directives in this course will explain how a company's sustainability efforts should be tracked and analyzed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual components of the overall plan.
Who Should Attend : Anyone wanting to understand the basics of green cleaning.
Module Price : $ 45 plus HST
Sustainability Learning Centre - Continuing Education Units (contact hours) : This is one of 4 themes and 13 modules in the 'Eco-Efficiency' Green Core Competency: The Energy Plan,Waste Management, Green Cleaning Practices and Water Conservation. Completion of the modules in this section and the on-line quizzes provide 3.25 units toward a Certificate of Sustainability Education.

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