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BPI Envelope Professional Training & Certification Course

This training, which includes both classroom sessions and field experience, will help you prepare for the Building Performance Institute’s (BPI) written and field exams for the Envelope Professional certification. Training will include review of some Building Analyst topics, but is not a Building Analyst preparatory course. Building Science Academy does not require that the Building Analyst training or certificate be a prerequisite for the Envelope Professional, but we strongly encourage that you have taken the Building Analyst training and certification tests prior to taking the training for this certification. Students will learn more about a house as a system. This class gets into much more detail on Thermal Boundaries and Pressure Diagnostics.

Topics Covered in your Envelope Professional Training include:

  • House as a system
  • Health and Safety
  • Energy Basics
  • Moisture
  • Thermal Boundary
  • Pressure Boundary
  • Communicating with client
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Pressure diagnostics 1
  • Pressure diagnostics 2
  • Distribution system
  • Combustion appliance and combustion safety
  • Preparation for field experience
  • BPI standards
  • Field training

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