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- AERMOD Modeling Computer Laboratory


This two-day course to provide hands-on instruction on the use of AERMOD, the U.S. EPA's preferred computer model recommended for estimation of ambient impacts of air pollutants emitted from industrial sources. Students will gain experience using the multitude of productivity tools in BREEZE AERMOD. The course will also cover how to process results for the new short-term NO2 and SO2 standards using the brand-new tool built into BREEZE 3D Analyst.

Course completion will enable attendees to:

  • Understand the basics of the AERMOD model, input data, and model options
  • Carry out a typical AERMOD modeling analysis
  • Produce and correctly interpret tables, plots, and other output from AERMOD

  • Air dispersion modeling objectives
  • The AERMOD modeling system
  • Emission source types and characterization
  • Defining the receptor domain
  • Creating model objects
  • Working with base maps
  • Projections, Control, Source, Meteorological, and Output Options
  • Receptor location selection
  • Terrain characterization (AERMAP processing)
  • Building wake effects (PRIME)
  • Meteorological data preparation (AERMET)
  • Post-processing analysis and graphical presentation
  • Culpability analyses
  • Sensitivity to model input parameters
  • Cause and effect assessment
  • Modeling in the urban environment
  • Quality assurance, documentation, and reports

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