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This two day course will give an overview of the capture, transport and storage aspects of CCS. The technical and safety requirements of each stage of the chain will be assessed and put into a larger context using case studies and real examples.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Appreciate the context and importance of large scale global implementation of CCS.
  • Understand the characteristics of CO2 and the challenges that these introduce within the CCS chain.
  • Have learnt about the various capture technologies that need to be considered in the design and  operation of the plant.
  • Gained knowledge in the design and operation of CO2 pipelines and ship transporters.
  • Have learnt about the selection and lifecycle management of CO2 storage sites.

Day 1 - Introduction to CCS and CO2

The CCS Chain:

  • CCS Requirement, Scale & Context
  • Capture Concepts and Technologies
  • Pipeline & Ship Transportation
  • Storage Sites & Injection
  • Current Projects
  • Transferable Knowledge Sources

Managing the CO2Stream Risks

  • CO2 Journey from Capture to Injection
  • Classification & Regulation
  • Relevant Industrial Experience
  • Physical Properties of Pure CO2
  • CO2 Stream Compositions:
  • Safety Awareness:
  • Environmental Awareness:
  • Overview of Risk Management

Day 2 - CCS CO2Chain Design & Operation

Capture & Pipeline Transportation:

  • Capture concepts and technologies
  • Challenges & relevant experience
  • Technology qualification & risk reduction
  • Good plant design aspects:
  • Operation
  • Transportation - Pipelines
  • Transportation - Ships


  • Reservoir properties and storage mechanisms
  • Selection of storage sites
  • Monitoring and storage closure

Who is the training for?

This course is intended for engineers and technical personnel with an interest in carbon capture and storage, as well as project and commercial managers who would like to gain an insight into the opportunities and risks involved when dealing with the entire chain of CCS.

Hosted By:
The Energy Institute is the leading membership body for the energy sector, developing and disseminating knowledge, skills and good practice towards a safer, more secure and sustainable energy system. The EI has been working with the Carbon Capture and Storage Association since 2006 to develop a range of projects and publications in this area.

DNV (Det Norske Veritas) is an independent foundation with the purpose of safeguarding life, property, and the environment. DNV delivers services within all parts of the CCS value chain, addressing the whole range of risks associated with CCS. Together with industry and regulators, DNV has produced guidelines and recommended practices for CO2 capture, pipeline transport and geological storage.

Bespoke courses

If you would like a course delivered for up to 15 members of your staff, tailored specifically to your organisation needs please contact the training team at the EI. Bespoke training means:

  • Flexibility in content, depending on your requirements and delegates’ background
  • Personalised case studies
  • A more cost effective solution for larger groups of delegates
  • The ability to deliver the course at a your own premises and at a time convenient to all delegates

Price (per course):
EI member - £7000 (+ VAT)
Non EI member - £8000 (+ VAT)

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