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- EMIT Introductory Training Course


It is aimed primarily at anyone collating data on large numbers of sources releasing emissions to air, including the calculation of emissions. One example is local authorities involved in the review and assessment process. In brief, EMIT is an EMissions Inventory Tool, which can be used to store, manipulate and assess emissions data from a variety of sources. EMIT may be used to investigate the impact on emissions of various emission reduction strategies; key amongst these are likely to be implementation of traffic management schemes such as low emission zones (LEZ). The course therefore has a strong emphasis on emissions from vehicles.

Day 1
The first day gives an introduction to what an EMIT database looks like—the structure of the database and how to create a new database, the key source parameters used and where they are stored, discussion of route types and use of the EMIT Mapper to visualise the data.

Day 2
The second day extends the ideas introduced on day 1, illustrating methods of importing and exporting the data, and application of EMIT for a traffic management scheme. Further applications of EMIT are also discussed.

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