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Certi NEHA-NRPP Radon Mitigation Course - Entry Level



This Distance-Based Course for Radon Mitigation is for individuals that have already completed an approved entry level measurement course. Provides training for installation of radon mitigation systems. If you have not already taken a measurement course, the Radon Mitigation Technology - Expanded Version provides both Measurement and Mitigation courses in a discounted package rate.

The easy-listening format of the audio Instruction includes interviews with experts in the radon industry providing you with insight into their experience as well as substantive technological and practical information (interview samples). With an impressive 92% passing rate on the certification exams, these courses have proven to be successful and popular in preparing students for the certification exam and for conducting business.

This course also includes a two-day mentoring session with a certified mitigator for valuable hands-on experience of installing a mitigation system and performing diagnostics. CERTI coordinates the session to work into your schedule and usually within driving distance of your hometown.

Course Includes:

  • Audio Instruction and Interviews
  • Course Manual
  • Online Quizzes
  • Downloadable Course Certificates

Certification Exams: The national certification exam is available online through LaserGrade. You simply register with LaserGrade, find the closest site to you, and schedule your exam.

Optional Course Materials

  • Download/Streaming option - no products will be shipped, although your receipt will indicate 'Free Shipping'
  • Materials shipped option - The cost of materials is $45 additional and includes shipping.

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