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Certi Radon Mitigation Course



The easy-listening format of the audio Instruction includes interviews with experts in the radon industry providing you with insight into their experience as well as substantive technological and practical information. With an impressive 92% passing rate on the certification exams, these courses have proven to be successful and popular in preparing students for the certification exam and for conducting business.

The course also includes field exercises that are tailored to fit your experience and needs. These exercises include the installation of a mitigation system and diagnostics. You receive one-on-one mentoring by a certified mitigator within driving distance of your home or can be mentored long-distance by a CERTI instructor.

There is approximately 20 hours of coursework, including listening to audio instruction (in short audio tracks so you can listen to as many or as few as you want at any time); online resources such as videos, protocols, and publications; and quizzes that are taken as you progress through the course (not timed and may be taken unlimited times), plus the time for your field exercises. There is no time limit for taking the course, and even after completion you continue to have access to the course in order to refer back to resources.

CERTI students also have access to business tools such as sample contracts, and warranties. We are also available by phone during and after the course for any questions concerning the course or radon situations you come across on the job.

Course Includes:

  • Audio Instruction and Interviews
  • Course Manual
  • Online Videos and Resources
  • Online Quizzes
  • Field Exercises
  • Downloadable Course Certificate

Certification Exam:

This course fee does NOT include the Exam Fee, payable when you register for your exam. The national certification exam is available online through LaserGrade. You simply register with LaserGrade, find the closest site to you, and schedule your exam. Register for your Exam through LaserGrade Central Registration: 800-211-2754.

  • Purchased separately and available nationwide through PSI LaserGrade
  • Take the exam at the site in your area
  • Bring a valid photo ID
  • Exam results will be immediately available

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