Institute of Acoustics (IOA)

Institute of Acoustics (IOA)

Certificate Course in the Management of Occupational Exposure to Hand Arm Vibration


This five-day course seeks to enable course delegates to appreciate the nature of Hand-Arm Vibration hazards in the workplace and the need to protect employees from hand-arm vibration syndrome and to advise and assist employers to meet their legal duties under relevant health and safety law, in accordance with current guidance from the Health and Safety Executive. After completing the course delegates should be able to explain the requirements of current legislation, identify situations where hazards exist and assess the risk, discuss basic techniques for control of vibration exposure and identify areas where vibration reduction is required, assess the effectiveness of vibration control measures, evaluate the daily vibration exposures of employees from information about measured vibration magnitudes and work patterns and explain the uses and limitations of personal protective equipment.

Students take the Certificate course at an Accredited Centre. Attendance at the Centre is usually for four days, plus the examination day. Examinations are currently held at the Centres twice per year, in Spring and in Autumn. Most Centres run the course for the four days preceding the examination date. 17 April 2015

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