Institute for Safety and Health Management (ISHM)

Certified School Safety Manager (CSSM) Certifications


Certified School Safety Manager: Administrative Level School Safety Certification. Safe schools is about so much more than lock-down drills and gun control. Studies show that injury rates and work comp claims are threatening the insurability of some school districts, especially those in more rural states where there is less structured risk management.

  • Certified School Safety Manager (CSSM) recognizes educators and security professionals who demonstrate safety management skills and are responsible for facilitating safety across multiple departments.
  • Developed by subject matter experts in occupational health and safety and education, with the support of NASSLEO, this certification is the first of its kind for safety professionals working in education.

  • Validation of School Safety Management Education and Experience.
  • Third-Party Credentials exceeding government and insurance requirements.
  • Peace-of-Mind for School Boards, Parents, and Patrons.
  • Receive certification with no exam requirement through 2016.

  • Educators
  • Security Professionals
  • School Administrators
  • Resources Officers
  • EFacility Managers

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