Certified WinCC OA Basic Training


This five day instructor-led course provides trainees with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully design and build a WinCC OA application. It is aimed at staff getting their first experience of WinCC OA.


Participating trainees should be PC literate (MS Windows, keyboard and mouse skills), have PLC and net work knowledge. A basic knowledge of programming is advantageous. Trainees should bring a suitable laptop. A training copy of the WinCC OA software will be installed on this
notebook as part of the training. A minimum specification for this PC is detailed in the note below.

Training objectives
On completion of this course the trainee will be able to produce a simple application and modify existing applications.


  • WinCC OA concepts: The managers, PARA module, GEDI module
  • Control programming
  • Animation of graphical objects / scripting
  • References of graphical objects
  • Panel topology
  • User / permission management
  • The alert concept
  • Alert-and event screen
  • Data point groups
  • (Power)-configs
  • Complex graphical objects
  • Multi language support
  • Zooming and (de)clutterin
  • History-DB
  • Archiving and archive compression
  • Linking to the periphery
  • Mass-engineering of configuration data
  • Variable trend
  • Working with scripts and libraries
  • Online-Backup
  • Emergency mode
  • Module 1 - Redundant systems: communication in WinCC OA, requirements for „Hot-Standby“ redundancy, WinCC OA system in detail, redu-switching in detail, redundant LAN-connections, failure modes in redundancy, LAN-connections, priorities for system switching, message logic: peripherals WinCC OA
  • Module 2 - Distributed systems

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