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Changing your Cleaning Practices (GEO 016) Course



This course will explain how to change cleaning practices. The information offered will show how just a basic understanding of alternative cleaning processes will make a difference in the work environment. Assessing current cleaning materials and the equipment and then changing to greener cleaning policies can play a key role in attracting and retaining customers and show stakeholders efforts for a healthier indoor workplace. In the course you will be able to: Identify the steps to implementing a green cleaning program. Define criteria to prioritize greener product choices.

  • Dates & Time Offered : On Line Anytime
  • Duration : 15 minutes each
  • Course Description : These modules will cover the introduction to developing a green cleaning plan in a business environment and its many benefits. The directives in this course will explain how a company's sustainability efforts should be tracked and analyzed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual components of the overall plan.
  • Who Should Attend : Anyone wanting to understand the basics of green cleaning.
  • Module Price : $ 45 plus HST
  • Sustainability Learning Centre - Continuing Education Units (contact hours) : This is one of 4 themes and 13 modules in the 'Eco-Efficiency' Green Core Competency: The Energy Plan,Waste Management, Green Cleaning Practices and Water Conservation. Completion of the modules in this section and the on-line quizzes provide 3.25 units toward a Certificate of Sustainability Education.

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