Cirrus Environmental

- Environmental Noise Monitoring Workshop


The course is aimed at those who wish to undertake Environmental Monitoring for Noise in the short, medium and long-term. It will focus on best practice depending upon the type of survey required, and then look at how the Invictus and its associated software can be used to ensure a successful outcome.

Cost: Free
Duration: 1 Day Course
Location: Cirrus Environmental Head Offices Peterborough

Course Focus

  • Best Practice for Environmental Monitoring
  • Invictus and NoiseHub2 Product Training

Best Practice

  • Which methodology are you using?
  • What should your equipment be capable of?
  • How long should you measure for?
  • Where to site your equipment?

Invictus and NoiseHub2 Training Will Cover

  • Physical Setup
  • Connectivity
  • Alarm features
  • Calendars and Measurement Periods
  • Audio capture
  • Processing the data

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